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Demand For Buying, Rent A House VND 100 Million

HCMC Construction Department in collaboration with the Labor Confederation of Ho Chi Minh City and functional agencies explored the demand for buying and renting houses to build housing VND100 million.

On October 17, HCM City People’s Committee has written to the Department of Construction to coordinate with the Federation of Labor and related agencies to solve problems in facilitating enterprises and individuals to participate in building a guest house for workers.

At the same time, learn the experience of Binh Duong province about the procedure, the process of building social housing sold to employees for about 100 million per unit to apply in the area of Ho Chi Minh City.

Demand for buying, rent a house VND 100 million
Ho Chi Minh City wants to build houses at VND100 million each, such as Binh Duong

Prior to construction, the Department of Construction must work with the Labor Confederation to explore the demand for the purchase and rent of workers. Proposed sample designs for reference workers. Housing must be attached to the area with schools, clinics, supermarkets, markets

Previously, as we have informed, HCMC People’s Committee required professional agencies to build social houses, selling to workers at VND100 million each, as Binh Duong province has done.

HCMC People’s Committee also assigned the Department of Architectural Planning, Department of Construction and People’s Committee of District 7 to coordinate with the Federation of Labor Ho Chi Minh City to adjust the local planning in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone and adjacent areas. Since then there are land funds to build social housing for workers with the forms purchased, rented…

At present, Binh Duong Province has built 5,000 social houses with a selling price of VND100 million per worker. Buyers can pay within 3 – 5 years. As a result, thousands of low-income people have to house.

Housing must be attached to the area with schools, clinics, supermarkets, markets …

Each apartment from the 1st to 4th floor is 5m wide and 4m long. Corridor, common path between two apartments is 1.4m. The ground floor apartment is 5m wide and 9.4m long. The front of the road should be able to fit both business and service to the residents of the apartment.

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A standard apartment has a floor area of 20sqm, mezzanine 10sqm. Although not too spacious designed science and create comfortable living space for workers. The windows also receive natural light and the winds of the sky when returning.

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