Design Stairs Make Homeowners Miserable

Many families often use stairs to design a toilet. However, this pole is not good in feng shui.

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Currently, many families have the condition not only to build houses but also be high, many floors. And the design of stairs connecting the floor together is essential.

However, in feng shui, the stairs themselves have “bad reputation” because it carries a heavy airflow. Therefore, it tends to be detrimental to homeowners.

Therefore, when designing stairs, you need to remember the following feng shui rules to avoid bringing the ferry to the family.

Feng shui in the design of stairs


 Here are 11 things to do when designing stairs:

  1. The number of steps per month should try to be in numbers 1, 2, 5, 10, 13, 14, 17 or 22.
  2. There must be electricity at the stairs to ensure sufficient light. Besides, it should be light.
  3. The stairs must be solid.
  4. Can be made of wood, metal or concrete stairs.
  5. It is best to make wooden stairs in the south, east and southeast of the house.
  6. If you make stairs in the north, use metal; Typical concrete stairs should be located in the northeast, southwest, west and northwest of the house.

Avoid stairs in the east, southeast and southwest of the house.

  1. Stairs should not be too steep and suitable for all objects in the house.
  2. If the stairs have bends, try bending clockwise.
  3. Put a crystal chandelier on the stairs is very good.

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11 things to avoid when designing stairs

  1. Stairs designed in the center of a feng shui house is not good, it creates weight
  2. If the stairs are broken or broken, they must be repaired quickly
  3. Stairs should not face any corner of the house.
  4. Never leave a stairway facing the other stairs.
  5. Do not leave the stairs near the entrance.
  6. Avoid the top or the end of the stairs facing the main entrance.
  7. Do not design a toilet at the top or bottom of a staircase.
  8. Do not design stairs in front of the bedroom.
  9. Do not design red stairs, it brings bad luck.
  10. Never design a kitchen, bedroom, dining room, bathroom/toilet and dressing under the stairs.
  11. Do not leave the footage at the foot of the stairs.
  12. Avoid the spiral staircase.
  13. Put a stone dog at the foot of the stairs to prevent bad or negative energy going upstairs.
  14. Do not place the mirror in the aisle on the stairs.

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