When Designing The Kitchen, You Should Avoid Seven Faults

Typically, a standard kitchen will be designed with three areas: a storage area (including a fridge, drawer), a preparation area (sink) and a cooking area. species).

However, due to various reasons related to the area and feng shui elements, many families arrange the kitchen in any order, which sometimes causes inconvenience and danger in the household.

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Stove right next to the sink

Water and fire are considered two co-factors. Therefore, the arrangement of stoves and sinks next to each other will make the operation more inconvenient. In addition, when you just wash food while cooking can cause water to fire in the kitchen, endangering the cook. If your home is small, you should also look for a sink and stove that are 1 meter or more apart.

designing the kitchen

Do not design the stove right next to the sink. Illustration

Kitchen opposite the toilet door

Among the rooms of a house, the kitchen and the toilet are the two most odorant places. In addition, if you design the doors of these two rooms face to face, you will certainly suffer a lot of unpleasant smells mixed with each other. Many families have a habit of setting up a kitchen table right in the kitchen, which can also make a family meal less appetizing when it comes to the unpleasant odors.

The stove is placed next to the refrigerator, television

Installing stoves near fridges or televisions can make equipment very fragile. In addition, the heat from the stove will also affect you when you need to open the refrigerator for food. Therefore, to avoid potential dangers, you should place your kitchen far away from home electronics.

Kitchen set by the window

When designing such cooking places, you have wasted the ventilation, natural light. When you cook food and open the door, the wind blows in the smoke, the smell of food flies straight into your face and cannot escape. Take the window area to accommodate other functional areas to keep the kitchen bright and airy.

designing the kitchen

Stoves placed next to the fridge sometimes affect the safety of everyone. Illustration

Kitchen messes up many things

Many food stalls can affect the safety of food. Illustration

This is the most comfortable area in the house when there are too many small things. If you do not have careful planning from the beginning, daily cleanup will become a nightmare. Not only that, you will spend a lot of time to find food, kitchen utensils (pans, pans, knives, scissors). Unclear waste will accumulate dirt, flies, which are harmful to your health.

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Arrange the cooking area on the balcony

designing the kitchen

Absolutely, do not to cook in the balcony area.

No matter how large, the balcony is not enough to accommodate the utilities of the kitchen. Cooking will be insecure on heavy rainy days. You will also make your neighbors uncomfortable when the smell of food spreads everywhere.

The main door to see the kitchen

How do you feel when you come home from work, open the door is to strike in front of your eyes is the kitchen with the smell of food raging fiercely. Therefore, when designing the kitchen, you should layout the kitchen a bit deviated and make sure that the door will not open the kitchen.

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