Detailed Guide To Purchasing The Project

Unlike buying a house immediately, buying a home is like having a long-term plan, which requires careful preparation, time and money. In this article, Vietnam real estate will guide you through the detailed steps to purchase a project home.

The first step to buying a home is: What is the purpose of buying your home?

The first thing when you are looking to buy a real estate product is to determine whether you buy for what purpose, to stay or to invest? In this step, you need to list the most important factors when buying a home, usually the following:

  • The area you want to live
  • Your financial ability
  • Living environment
  • Area traffic connection
  • Social facilities: schools, hospitals, parks, shopping, sports, eating …
  • Possible increase in the value of real estate over time
  • When buying a property, determine what you want to buy.
Detailed guide to purchase the project

When buying a property, determine what you want to buy.

Note: If you buy to live, then prioritize living environment, and if you buy to invest, give priority to the ability to increase the value of products in the future.

Second step to buy a home project: Determine your financial ability

After the first step, the second step is to look at your financial ability, your ability to pay for the home. Set aside a short amount of time to analyze whether you have other sources of income, such as savings, monthly income, support from relatives… Another important factor to consider is loan support from banks and credit institutions.

Detailed guide to purchase the project

Be prepared to budget carefully before buying a home

When you need to borrow money from a bank, use the calculator tools such as bank interest rates, investment interest rates … Or you can refer to the table of interest rates for buying home monthly from Rever.

The third step to buy a home project: Find a product

You have an idea of the area you need to buy a home, the financial ability you have, now start looking for your dream home. There are many ways to find a suitable property such as:

  • Through the Internet – websites selling real estate
  • Through the professional real estate floor
  • Through real estate professionals, you know
  • Through relatives are active in the field of land
Detailed guide to purchase the project

You can search for real estate products through the website of the professional real estate floor

Note: Choose the channel that works best for you. If possible, have an experienced relative help you with the search process faster.

Fourth, buy a project home: Consider a particular product

This step is followed after you have identified the appropriate property through the search funnels in Step 3.

Factors to consider when considering a real estate product:

Which product belongs to which project?

  • How financially your money is, there is enough budget for that product
  • The overall design, landscape and utility of the project
  • Financial capacity of the project investor (with projects under construction)
  • The capacity of the contractor, this will determine the quality of the works
  • Management and operation unit
Detailed guide to purchase the project

Consider the location of the product you need to buy so that you do not have trouble later

Make sure the property you choose satisfies the elements mentioned in Step 1, and you should also pay attention to the direction or feng shui of the property, the Vietnamese are always very interested in the weak This.

The fifth step to buy a housing project: negotiate, review the purchase contract

Normally, the prices for real estate products have been set up by the investors, so when signing the contract you need to carefully read the terms to avoid the project owner to make any provisions. Benefit you. The most important terms when reviewing a purchase contract include:

  • Has the land use right been transferred?
  • Terms related to the progress of payment, payment over time or project progress?
  • Does the project cost change over time, and if so, what is the margin?
  • Commitment and form of assurance of the investor on the progress of the project?
  • Does the price include VAT?

Sixth step to buy a home project: Deposit and sign contract

>>>Update on new information on the real estate market in Vietnam here: Vietnam real estate market

Detailed guide to purchase the project

Be careful when depositing money to buy a home

Once you have decided to buy a project, you will need to prepare a deposit with the developer, usually a deposit of between 5 and 10% of the value of the property. Take strict liability procedures to ensure the interests of the parties. The minutes should agree on the following issues:

  • Time to sign the sales contract.
  • How much does the buyer pay when signing the contract?
  • Payment method and payment confirmation between two parties.
  • Legal documents necessary to sign the contract (ID card, notarized copy of household registration book). This document relates to those who will be named in the red book.

Note: The appointment, visit the owner or the sales representative of the investor to sign the contract. In addition, you can also refer to What to know when buying a home.

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