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Determined to dismantle villas with the price at million dong which it has ‘wrong place’

Determined to dismantle villas with the price at million dong which it has 'wrong place'

No one accepts responsibility, the landlord fiercely ask the court to remove the villa “wrongly” on his land.

On May 19, news from Soc Trang said Soc Trang City two times unsuccessfully in the case for the removal of the mansion on the wrong place.

At the second reconciliation on May 16, the parties agreed not to do anything. The court noted the parties’ requirements as being in compliance with the law.

As reflected in the Law of Ho Chi Minh City, “the mansion is wrongly built on human land” (posted on November 9 2015), at the end of 2015, in Soc Trang Ward, Soc Trang Province Trying to make silver villas wrong in human land.

Accordingly, in May 2015, Mr. V, Soc Trang bought land of Ms. T. in Ward 2, Soc Trang City, 10m wide, 20m long. Land plot is defined by two sides adjacent to the land of Mrs. Vo Thi Hien selling interior decoration.

Then, Mr. V. made a certificate of land use rights, asked permission to build villas and was licensed by the Department of construction as the position that Ms. T. pointed out to him. However, in August 2015, when Mr. V. had finished building the foundation, was building the wall and poured floor on the first floor, Ms. Le Thi Hanh Nhan appeared, said wrongly built on his land.

At that, the authorities clarified, the cause of the mistake was because previously Ms. Hien built (not allowed) a temporary reserve over her land near T. 5m. Mrs. T. did not know about this, so I told her to go to the center of Soc Trang City, 10m away from her house, so she covered all the land of Mrs. Nhan.

By the end of 2015, the authorities determined that Mr. V was licensed by the Department of Construction, but had the wrong location as Ms. Nhan reported. However, this mistake is not responsible for 12-2015 Ms. Nhan sue Mr. V. to Soc Trang City Court.

Mr. V.'s villa in Soc Trang
Mr. V.’s villa was built on Nhan land in Ward 2, Soc Trang City.

At the second reconciliation, on May 16, the People’s Committee of Ward 2, where villas were mistakenly asserted that they were not at fault because the function of the ward only confirmed the land dispute or not, not related to the body The position led to Mr V.’s confusion.

On behalf of Mrs. Hien, a neighbor built a temporary house on Mr. V.’s ground that he had only made a temporary house without permission from the authorities, so he was not responsible for Mr. V’s misconduct.

On behalf of the Department of Construction, the licensing authority states that this is a general error for all involved, and should not be held liable.

Mr V insisted on building a house with the permission, legal, on the license expressed in clear position, the Department of Construction uniform. From there, he claims that he has no reason to suffer the fault of others.

Therefore, the options of land swap, land transfer are offered to mediation failed.

From there, the parties agreed to bring the case to trial in accordance with the law. Ms. Nhan’s insistently asked the court to remove the villa to return the land for her.

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