Determined To Immediately Recover Rent Land At Da Nang Airport

From October 6 to 15, the authorities will take over the land and protect the airport belt.

In the morning of September 27, the 372th Division met with the Ministry of Defense (MoD) ‘s comments on the liquidation of the contract with the partners of the Da Nang airport in economic activity.

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October 6, must hand over land

Specifically, the 372th Division must strictly abide by the guidance of the Minister of Defense and the Commander of the Air Defense and Air Force to overcome the shortcomings in the management and use of defense land. Coordinate with the authorities of Danang People’s Committee to carry out the liquidation of contracts, restore the integrity of the fence of the Danang airport belt to ensure strict, not letting complaints occur.

For enterprises, to strictly comply with the guidance of the Minister of Defense and the decision of the Air Force Air Defense Command to terminate the cooperation contract with the 372th Division. Carry out the removal of equipment, means, and goods … from the land and hand over the original status of the defense land to the 372nd Division in due time.

Enterprises are forced to hand over land in Da Nang airport after the Ministry of Defense announced the liquidation of the contract

In the course of implementation, if any request, enterprises are required to send documents to the 372th Division, Air Defense – Air Forces to coordinate to resolve.

The roadmap for the relocation of enterprises started from September 29 to October 6, businesses organized the dismantlement, relocation of assets, workshops, facilities and the transfer of defense land to the 372th Division.

From October 6 to 15, the functional units receiving land for defense, guarding the security of the airport belt, organizing the construction of the fence of the Danang airport.

“Give us more time”

A representative of Danang Central Company said that the company has decided to lease land in 2011 with a term of 49 years but by the end of 2013 to be allocated land. Now the company will lose a huge loss because of a lot of investment.

Meanwhile, Mr. Luong Dinh Hung, Director of Dinh Hung General Trading and Service Co., said that the Ministry of Defense orders are issued, businesses have to comply but need more business route to relocate factories, machinery, and materials. When the land was leased, the company also fulfilled its financial obligations with the 372th Division.

At the meeting, Colonel Nguyen Van Dinh, division commander of the 372th Division, said that during the process of the land lease, some units violated third-party lease. In addition, businesses cause noise and dust … So the Ministry of Defense has the decision to check and notify the termination of the contract.

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“The DN of the tens of billion assets, now required in 10 days to relocate how to relocate. Compulsory relocation so urgent will be very difficult for businesses “- said, Mr. Hung.

Phan Van Thai, Chairman of People’s Committee of An Khe Ward, Thanh Khe District, also shared: “The Ministry of Defense has the direction, must comply with the policy but found the method is not correct. Can not force relocation so fast because enterprises will not be able to keep up. Including coercive clearance (if any) local hard to enter.

Mr. Dang Cong Tam, Chairman of Hoa Thuan Tay Ward, Hai Chau District, also said that the local businesses agreed with the Ministry of Defense to have time and roadmap appropriate for businesses to hand over the site.

Tears Enterprise **

Moving out of the meeting with representatives of Division 372, Nguyen Trong Khai, director of K & H Trading and Technology Transfer Co., burst into tears.

Mr. Nguyen Trong Khai burst into tears before the sudden land acquisition

Mr. Khai said: “My business is dignified, paid annual rent. The contract must be on June 30, 2018, new but now I have to move all factories, equipment, and supplies from now until October 6 must hand over, how to turn to keep up.

I have never cried but had to cry at work, now also can not help tears because I do not know how to speak with hundreds of workers. My worker was nervous when he heard that the site had to be handed over to the Ministry of Defense to make continuous phone calls.

I do not object to the Department of Defense’s land acquisition plan but give us more time to remove thousands of tons of equipment and buildings. Thousands of tons of equipment, but not the vegetables that move is to do right. Now the urgent command like that, do not know where to find the exit, if not comply with the policy sometimes pushed me into the law offenders.

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