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Diamond Island: Do Not Invest In Surfing

Diamond Island Project

Buying only for rental in the investment category would be a major demand in Diamond Island for a number of reasons.

The East Saigon area is a hot spot for investors in HCM City due to the high speed and metro networks being developed. The city has a clear shift east of Ho Chi Minh City with key projects and the formation of Special Administrative  District 2 with a plan with a more farsighted vision. East of HCMC will have more advantages in socio-economic development and real estate growth in particular.

Diamond Island Phase 2 introduces the first tower – Hawaii

Diamond Island Project
Perspective of the Diamond Island project

The bridge linking Diamond Island and Mai Chi Tho Boulevard along the direction of the road along the Saigon River has been approved and expected to start construction in the second quarter of 2017 and Ring Road 2 has been put into use to help transport infrastructure around the island. Diamond has become more convenient and advantageous, increasing attractiveness and demand here, which means that the direction of investment here will be profitable for a long time.

However, why should you invest instead of surfing on Diamond Island? The answer lies in the planning of the project with a total of 6 towers. Currently, only one Brilliant tower has been completed and handed over to the head of the household. Bora Bora Tower and the towers of Hawaii, Canary, Bahamas, Maldives are all being implemented in the second phase of the project. Except for properties with rare unique views in the same tower, surfing investments in other flats will not be considered advantageous.

Bora Bora has just opened on November 27, 2016, recently with a price from 43 million/ sqm. The completed unit is one of the considerations to invest in investment because the price is softer than other towers but the same division, the same high-end internal utility. At the same time, it is likely that the towers after the owner will propose higher prices due to increased demand.

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Diamond Island: Do Not Invest In Surfing

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