Diamond Lotus Green World apartment in district 10

Diamond Lotus Green World in District 10 creates an ideal peaceful habitat for all residents. With an aim to bring the superior life for residents at Diamond Lotus Bac Hai in District 10.

Diamond Lotus Green World Bac Hai in District 10 is an ideal living environment, connects the global residents at the heart of the city center up to the present. At Diamond Lotus Green World, residents will enjoy the positive values ​​of humanity and experience the superior life of happiness and peace.

Not only targeting Vietnamese customers, when investing in latest project belonging to Diamond Lotus type in District 10, Phuc Khang also targets international communities in advanced countries – those having special affection for our country, or those living, working in Ho Chi Minh City.

The positive values ​​of Diamond Lotus Green World Bac Hai in District 10 are developed basing on international standards. If you are really interested in the project, the analysis we share below will definitely provide you with useful information. A high-level life is waiting for you in District 10, with the Diamond Lotus brand, which has been famous in District 8 and Tan Phu.

Sustainable health values ​​when living at Diamond Lotus World Apartment in District 10:

There have been no real estate projects in Vietnam that investors dare to affirm the health value for its residents. However, Phuc Khang – a well-known real estate group in the South – has pioneered this value, with the high-end Diamond Lotus projects. Green World in District 10 about to be developed is not an exception.

When choosing Diamond Lotus Green World as a permanent shelter, your health and family members will be absolutely assured. At Diamond Lotus in District 10, investor specially pays attention to the longevity of its residents by deploying utility items and green spaces to provide a secure and clean living environment. The children living in Diamond Lotus Green World will grow fast, rarely sick because they are nurtured in the Green – Clean – Beautiful environment and overflowing love of the family. Of course, adult, the middle-aged or the older are also well protected.

Diamond Lotus Green

Diamond Lotus Green Word Apartment

Exceptional economic value only available at Diamond Lotus Green World Bac Hai Apartment project in  District 10 Center:

Unlike the Diamond Lotus family in Tan Phu District and District 8 with small scale, with Diamond Lotus Green World project in District 10, Phuc Khang invests to construct on a large area of ​​nearly 11 hectares, providing market more than 6000 prestigious real estate products.

In District 10, the project that owns an enormous area such as Green World is extremely rare, because real estate values ​​in this area are very high, expensive and difficult to own. You can look at the nearby Diamond Lotus Green World projects for the most accurate assessment.

Not let the golden land become meaningless, Phuc Khang has deployed the Diamond Lotus Green World project in District 10 with a lot of expectation and important mission. In addition to devoting most of its resources to the construction of the apartment, Phuc Khang has poured its financial resources into modern and classy utility items for its project. All these factors have helped Diamond Lotus project in District 10 achieve material sustainability. In terms of economy, Diamond Lotus Green World is highly appreciated from land value, architectural value to utility value.

In terms of spirituality, Diamond Lotus Green World promises to bring the highest quality of life to all residents. The previous projects of Phuc Khang had also been achieved this goal, and certainly Diamond Lotus in District 10 will not be less inferior.

Diamond Tower District 10 has modern international living environment:

The third element that creates the top life at Diamond Lotus Green World Project in District 10 is the living environment.

So what are special things about living environment of the project? There is only one phrase to describe about Diamond Lotus in District 10: “Home is Resort – Resort is Home”. You can understand the above phrase in both literal and figurative sense, because life here is perceived as a “resort paradise inside the city.” The previous Diamond Lotus projects of Phuc Khang had also been achieved this goal, so it is not difficult that Green World will also be able to achieve this, in line with the guideline of operation set forth by the investor.

At Diamond Lotus in District 10, residents’ living environment is perfectly guaranteed, basing on stringent international standards. Specifically, Diamond Lotus Green World has been recognized meeting LEED Standard- American style Blue Condo and LOTUS Standard- Vietnamese Style green space.

With what analyzed above, it can be seen that Green World is truly a wonderful living environment, a high-level living space that everyone would like to experience. Based on the core values ​​of health, economic and environmental values, you can assess the potential as well as make the most decisive decision about Diamond Lotus Green World in District 10.

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