Diamond Lotus Lake View – Green Project

Not simply a building covered by a series of green trees or painted with an eye-catching-blue project, Diamond Lotus Lake View developed by Phuc Khang Corporation in accordance with the prestigious global standard of green product – Leed (USGBC).

With this standard, the project is built with the strictest requirements towards the goal of building a perfect green ecosystem, bringing nature closer to the living environment of the community.

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Green landscape

Designed according to Leed standards, Diamond Lotus Lake View always aims to build a perfect eco-system. Accordingly, from the process of designing, building and operating the building, it is necessary to limit and prevent harm to the natural environment, aiming at improving efficiency, saving energy, saving water, reduce CO2 emissions to help people to have a happier, healthier live and increase longevity. At Diamond Lotus Lake View, Phuc Khang investor tried to minimize the project concretization. The land used for the construction will be compensated by the investor by 8,000sm of trees covering the whole project. Here the fresh green trees domination from the branches, the grass, the stamp on each road, the balcony, the small way to the meditation garden on the top of the 3,000sm building.

Diamond Lotus Lakeview

Diamond Lotus Lake View is a US green (Leed)

Green material

An important objective of Diamond Lotus Lake View is to improve the quality of air and water in the building, as well as bring residents a happy and healthy life. A report by the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) showed that indoor air pollution levels were two to five times higher than in the outside world. Therefore, when selecting materials for construction, Phuc Khang investor has selected meticulously the natural materials, comply with US standards Leed to limit exposure to harmful compounds to residents.

Green air

Recent research by Harvard University demonstrates the benefits of green building in improving work efficiency, improving memory, and improving resistance through improved indoor air quality. The analysis shows that people work inside optimized green buildings, the number of cognitive points is doubled. By increasing the density of trees managing CO2 concentrations and decreasing that concentration to a lower level, the perception of the Diamond Lotus Lake View residents will be improved, the happiness index will increase, leading to increased productivity, create a more cheerful, smarter life.

Diamond Lotus Lakeview

Phuc Khang’s investor has selected meticulously the most natural-friendly materials

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Green energy

Reducing energy use not only brings environmental benefits but also saves money as a recognized reality. The demand for HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) will decrease more when buildings are more energy efficient. Measures such as improving the insulation efficiency and increasing the tightness on the Diamond Lotus Lake View work surface can make a significant difference in your monthly electricity bill. In particular, the greenery system that is covered around and covering the whole building as well as on the rooftop will help keep the temperature in the apartment at a lower level than 2-3 degrees from the outside environment which help your family reduce the amount of electricity consumed monthly.

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