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Did You Know How To Buy An Apartment In District 2?

Did you know how to buy an apartment in District 2?

Among a series of projects have been formed, amidst a wide range of information for sale is rampant across the website, forum, how a common person can feel secure when choosing to buy apartments in District 2? 

Some advantages when buying apartment District 2

  • Adjacent to District 1, only 5-10 minutes to move to the center, but only half the price District 1.
  • District 2 has a good growth rate, in the future, it will probably be merged with District 1, the apartment price will increase in the future.
  • Concentrated many new projects are open sale, good price, flexible sales policy, bring more choices.
  • The rate of return on investment rental or investment resale is high because there are many key traffic projects.
  • This is an attractive area of a lot of foreign investment.
  • The area is home to many foreign residents, forming a community of civilized, modern and multi-identity.
Did you know how to buy an apartment in District 2?
District 2 is the bright spot of the property market in Ho Chi Minh City

Notes to know when buying an apartment in District 2

Note 1: Do not buy on the trend, please specify the need and purpose of buying

Among dozens of new projects now in District 2, so as not to be stunned by the many consulting information as well as avoid picking the wrong project, buyers should carefully identify their needs:

What is the purpose of the purchase? Buy to live, invest in renting, keeping money or investing in surfing … You have to define your purpose. Avoid the trend buying, buy the movement without knowing what to buy. From these main needs, you will list a number of criteria such as:

  • Buy to stay: how many bedrooms, how many bathrooms, minimum area, need houses near schools for children or near work, the most you need in the home and family needs, the style which apartment style you like is.
  • Buy investment for rent: invest one bedroom, 2 or 3 bedrooms. In Vietnamrealestate’s experience, 1 and 2 bedroom apartments are quick to rent and not too picky. Profit margins are also better than 3-bedroom units due to lower initial investment (3-bedroom apartments are often high due to their large size).
  • Buy surfing investment: To invest in surfing, the project you choose should have its own special point, attract the market, or be beautiful on the overall surface of the floor. Similarly, buying one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments is also one of the easiest.
Did you know how to buy an apartment in District 2?
Lexington Residence is one of the projects attracting many real estate investors

Position the desired area? District 2 has utility blocks and transport infrastructure has developed evenly, especially the international school system here, making the choice of the apartment near the entertainment, food or near the school for The female has become not too difficult. District 2 is also easily accessible from District 2 via Thu Thiem Tunnel or Saigon Bridge. Depending on the budget you have, you will easily choose the project adjacent to the center as: Sala Dai Quang Minh, New City Thu Thiem, Master Thao Dien, Empire City …

How to choose the investor? A good investor, prestigious and strong potential will help your real estate intend to buy to ensure the progress of construction, ensure the legal status of the project, book on the appointment time, quality construction and good management. To choose an investor, you should look at their old projects, visit them directly and ask the residents about the potential of the investor.

Project scale? Answer the questions: How big is the project you want to buy, how well it is covered, how overcrowded the population is? What are internal facilities including: Internal and inter-regional traffic planning?

Note 2: Identify projects by budget

After determining the budget and location of the desired area, you can refer to the following table for suitable projects classified by major residential areas with their own transport characteristics:

Did you know how to buy an apartment in District 2?
Brings the most outstanding projects in District 2 by region

If your home purchase budget is between $1.5billion and $2 billion (note that this is the total value of your home.) With your home loan options, you only have 30% of the value of your home. You can choose the projects with simple design, moderate area, flexible payment schedule such as: The CBD Premium Home, Thu Thiem Sky, Homyland, The Krista, Parcspring, La Astoria, …

If budget from VND2 million-VND4 billion, you should prioritize choose apartments with comfortable living space, modern design, convenient location to move to the center such as Master An Phu, New Thu Thiem City, Vista Verde, Feliz en Vista, Tropic Garden, The Ascent, Master Thao Dien, …

If the budget is over VND4 billion, the following projects should be included in the list: Diamond Island, Lakeview City, Dai Quang Minh Sala, Empire City, Eco Smart City, Estella Heights …

Note 3: Screen carefully before buying, if there is no time, let the broker do it

In case you do not know any brokers and have to find out information, find out information about the projects you are interested in with 3 guidelines:

Official information from the investor: Please refer to the official website of the project investor for reference, or refer to some reputable neutral websites to find out information about the project such as the scale of the project project, general construction contractor, project supervision consultant, project manager, distributor, expected price, estimated delivery time, …

Did you know how to buy an apartment in District 2?
The type of apartment is blossoming and many people choose in District 2

In addition, when deploying a real estate project, the investors will communicate through many information channels such as traditional newspaper or online newspaper advertising such as Vietnamnet, Dan Tri, Vnexpress, 24h, etc. This is also information you can refer to more to know the unique point of the project.

Information from reputable agencies: The explosion of technology and the internet makes it easy to access a wide range of project information through websites and social networks. The brokerage will not be fully accurate. They can lower the actual price, the cumulative discounts to invite you after you contact, they will give different reasons and the price when you put the pen buy products, they will be different much.

Vietnam real estate advice is to find and work with reputable companies that will provide accurate and truthful information to you. In addition, you should be alert to the virtual price, high discount advertising on the network, because all free brokers and real estate trading floor distributors exploit a uniform price and discount. provided by the owner. If the project has an official distribution floor, the discount may be less than 0.5% – a discount is not too different.

Try their honesty and professionalism by asking them to provide analytical information about the project, good points and not so good as to know what is the restriction of the apartment you intend to buy, whether the person What sales are you hiding what information to sell the airline. If you do not have a lot of project information, work with 2 other brokers at the same time to easily check the information.

Did you know how to buy an apartment in District 2?
Between thousands of projects being offered for sale, buyers are distracted if they do not know the exact needs and steps they need to take.

Refer to the customer feedback on the projects the investor has done: To get the right perspective on the project, you should refer to the feedback and evaluation of the customer is similar to you. (have children, single or family has 3 generations) on many different channels. They will be the ones who bring the most realistic information about the old projects of the owner or project you are interested in.

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