Did You Know How To Design A Small Home And Simple With Maximum Width?

The situation of urbanization is strong when small houses become the living space of many families. How to get a spacious, comfortable without changing the inherent area of the house? 

3 masterpiece design home small narrow

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Not expand the area but can turn the space is narrow with the sense of urgency, restraint becomes comfortable and wide open. You will not believe until you apply these three techniques.

1 / Choose white as the mainstream

Colors affect a lot of our emotions, moods, and emotions. White can enlarge the area, deceive the sight, the white color becomes the typical choice of simple home design simple.

Did you know how to design a small home and simple with maximum width?

White is a light color that effectively expands the space

Combined with the natural light from the outside, your home space has just been widened, just a little bright light.

Add to the interplay of natural light, your living space will always be spacious, light

2 / Use a lot of glass material

Glass doors, glass doors, even using large mirrors to decorate will help space in the house is expanded effectively. Because glass material will not shield the vision causing heavy feeling, occupied space.

Did you know how to design a small home and simple with maximum width?

The large decorative mirrors trick the vision, making space seem to be more spacious

Moreover, they have the effect of reflecting light, bringing light to the house. It is because of these effects that glass material becomes a common space-handling solution of home interior design options.

3 / Use intelligent interiors

With a variety of gadgets and the ability to fold, “hidden”, the versatile interior is smart enough to receive the favor of families with small living spaces. It is possible that the sofa turns into a reception desk, then into the bed, the bookshelf acts as a partition separates the space …

These types of smart interior not only take up the task of helping the wider space but also creating a unique touch for your living space.

Did you know how to design a small home and simple with maximum width?

Intelligent multifunctional furniture is the savior of homes of small size

To adapt to the most living space, more needs to use, intelligent interior more and more diverse in design, combining many utilities in the same product. They contribute to the design of small houses beautiful simple and wide open a lot.

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Despite the small area, using smart interior design techniques, you will definitely have a place to go.

When the area of living space narrow becomes the obstacle, the three techniques above will be the savior for you. You know, living comfortably, really fun in such a small space is an art that not everyone knows. So now, with the interesting, simple, 30sqm beautiful houses or even smaller will appear more with maximum utilization of space to provide spacious space.

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