Difficulties When Building A Green Apartment According To American Standards

Phuc Khang Corporation is the pioneer in bringing green building into the mid-range apartment. However, construction is facing many challenges.

Tight in the material selection

Phuc Khang is implementing the Diamond Lotus Riverside project meets the US LEED standard and Diamond Lotus Lake View meets the Lotus standard. More than a year after the announcement of green building information, these two projects are still under construction.

Diamond Lotus Riverside project consists of 3 blocks with 22 floors with 720 apartments, located in the center of District 8, Ho Chi Minh City. From the ground floor to the second floor is used as utility services. At the top of the three blocks is a unique architectural symbol “Sky Park” including yoga, meditation, coffee, restaurant, gym … In particular, Diamond Lotus Riverside also has two cable-stayed bridge connecting three blocks. and will be glowing every evening. This project achieved a series of standards for green parks, up to 8,000 sqm.

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Diamond Lotus Riverside shimmering at night

Diamond Lotus Lake View is located in the green belt of the first American standard in Vietnam, was built in Tan Phu district. The project is 1.2 ha with 779 apartments area from 50 – 65sqm and standard Lotus. Although selling home with US standards but the two-bedroom apartment only cost about VND1.4 billion.

Ms. Luu Thi Thanh Mau, General Director of Phuc Khang Corporation, said that before identifying the green building strategy, Phuc Khang had a long-term study tour in Singapore and Japan.

“Developed countries can do the green building. In addition to our expert team of internationally trained doctors for green building, we also employ green building experts from the US and Hong Kong to work for us, “she said.

Therefore, the company must be serious about the supplier by setting the strictest standards. “Here, only the material meets or fails to meet the standards of green building, not familiarity. If the product is not up to standard, it is ready to say no and no relationship is considered here, “she said.

According to Investment Department of Phuc Khang Corporation, currently selected materials used in the construction process are TOTO sanitary equipment system, NIPON, JOTUN paint, steel materials of Japan and Italy. The building will also use LOW-E glass to reduce heat absorption and flooring in the bedroom.

Mum said, making the initial green cost very high. If it is not possible to gather forces from design, construction and operation to marketing and business, it is very dangerous. Therefore, Phuc Khang chose to work together to communicate, to work together, not to create barriers or fears for each other internally.

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Diamond Lotus Lake View will create living space filled with trees for residents

At present, the cost of each green building is more than VND1,000 billion. Therefore, Phuc Khang has to find ways to save right by making many products for one product line.

General Director of Phuc Khang Corporation added that the market acceptance for this product line is very positive. Soon, Phuc Khang will have three green buildings in new locations in Ho Chi Minh City. Phuc Khang’s goal in the next five years is to have about 10,000 green homes, meaning that 2,000 green homes will be sold each year.

The model petition, the Government should have incentives for green building investors. At present, Phuc Khang is doing with a willingness, not getting anything in terms of policy.

“With the experience of the first green property developer, I expect HCM City and the government to offer higher interest rates, better planning indexes, or faster green building approvals for us to save capital, “she said.

Nguyen Cong Thinh, Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Environment, Ministry of Construction, said that the total floor area of the house was built in Vietnam about 890 million sqm/year. Expected in the next 5 years, the construction market in Vietnam will reach $ 14 billion.

“Although the legal system we have issued is relatively adequate and there is a law governing energy efficiency and conservation, the national green growth strategy, the National Technical Regulation on Buildings energy efficiency … However, the implementation has not achieved much results. So far, the number of green buildings in Vietnam is LEED certified only at the fingertips, because this is the highest standard in the world, “said Thinh.

Thinh added that green development is the inevitable trend of the world. The State should issue a comprehensive policy to give specific incentives for green buildings, energy conservation and efficiency. Credit institutions should have preferential loans to LEED and Lotus projects. At the same time, the labeling, certification of materials, equipment, energy saving works, green buildings. It encourages the participation of society.

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Customers visit the model house Diamond Lotus Riverside

Talking to the reporter, representatives of the Vietnam Green Building Council said, all the evidence of the process Phuc Khang Corporation to build Diamond Lotus Riverside US LEED standards will be closely monitored, Logic is then sent to the US Green Building Council.

The US Green Building Council will rely on this documentation and periodic reviews. This will be done very seriously through the design, supervision during the construction of the project.

“Just one factor does not fit, the US Green Building Council will immediately remove the score of that item. Representatives of the US Green Building Council will also come and measure the reality at the site, “said representatives of the Green Building Council of Vietnam.

Currently, the LEED standard is considered to be the most demanding standard. Specifically, projects that reach 40 to 49 points will achieve LEED Green certification, 50 to 59 points will be LEED Silver certification, 60 to 79 points to LEED Gold certification and over 80 points to LEED Platinum certification.

Once the LEED certification has been obtained, the management of the building is selected and trained to ensure that the building is operated in compliance with the standards. The green building guidelines will be distributed to residents with assistance from the building management board to help the community operate the building in accordance with regulations.

At the same time, consultants will review the metrics on the US Green Building Council report periodically. Specialists from the US Green Building Council will also randomly visit the property to check Diamond Lotus Riverside without prior notice.

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