Directorate for roads  BOT: ‘Can not discount tickets BOT Soc Trang’

“The fee for  BOT Soc Trang has been reduced after careful consideration of the financial options.” The discount is based on many factors and can not be discounted, “said Nguyen Van Huy, General Director of Directorate for railway.

Over the past days, the status of owners of vehicles continuously parking at the BOT toll station Soc Trang request the station to continuously discharge causing traffic through the area is severely congested. Drivers claim to have paid road maintenance fees, so they do not need to pay for the service.

BOT Soc Trang will not stop collecting fees.

BOT Soc Trang will not stop collecting fees.

Facing complicated situation, the General Department of Roads requires the authorities of Soc Trang province to propagate so that drivers can understand clearly. If a driver intentionally parked the car causing traffic jams will be dealt with.

“Drivers can pause for a few minutes to pay the fee, including in cash, but deliberately parking there is a violation, and the responsibility lies with the local government.”

Recently, the leaders of Soc Trang province said that it was proposed that the Directorate of Roads to stop collecting fees at BOT Soc Trang to stabilize the situation. On this issue, he affirmed that local documents have not been received.

The Director General of Road Administration said that the suspension of the fee is unstable because it will negatively affect the financial plan of the project.

“The fees have already been reduced,” he stressed. “We demand that those who cause disorder will be dealt with.”

District officials confirmed that the fee through the BOT Soc Trang decreased after being carefully calculated on the financial plan. This discount is based on many factors and can not be discounted.

The Soc Trang BOT Project started from Tra Quyt Bridge, Thuan Hoa Commune of Chau Thanh District to Dai Tam Commune, My Xuyen District (Soc Trang Province) with a total length of 16.22 km. In particular, the stretch of National Highway 1 in Thuan Hoa (Chau Thanh) to the gateway Soc Trang city is 8.54 km long and 7.68 km bypass.

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Soc Trang BOT charging station located at km2123 + 250 on National Highway 1, operating at 0h on 1/6/2017. Depending on the type of car, the fares at this station are 25,000, 35,000, 40,000, 70,000 and 140,000 respectively.

A written statement from the Ministry of Transport expressing 100% exemption for buses; 50% discount for vehicles not used for business; Other types of vehicles decreased by 20%.

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