Discovering 4 Amazing Things In The Lucasta Villa District 9

Lucasta Villa District 9 is a high-level eco-villa that are becoming a prominent project in the HCMC real estate market. Discovering 4 amazing things in this new project of Khang Dien.

Lucasta Villa District 9 which is located in the heart of the HCMC real estate market are showing its attractiveness. This project is located in the heart of District 9 with a romantic natural space, harmonious landscape. It promises to bring an ideal, luxury living space in the highest level eco-villa. Coming to Khang Dien’s Lucasta Villa, you and your family not only enjoy the fresh living space, amenities but also receive a sense of contemporary direction combined with the harmony of natural space. Along with Real Estate Express, Discovering 4 amazing things only at the Lucasta Eco-Villa District 9.

Prominent location of Lucasta Villa District 9

The Lucasta Khang Dien project’s location is highly appreciated. Being located right at Lien Phuong street in the center of District 9, this project’s location is almost perfect and shows the ingenuity in the selection of Khang Dien. Lucasta Villa District 9 is not too far from the center of HCMC. The distance to other locations in the central area like District 1 is only about 10 minutes running along the highway to Mai Chi Tho Boulevard to the Thu Thiem tunnel.

Lucasta Villa District 9

The Lucasta Villa Khang Dien eco-lodge is prominently positioned by being quickly connected to the downtown areas again enough to keep away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

In addition, this place is also the connection of many important routes, especially Ho Chi Minh City-Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway and ring road. You can quickly move to the new administrative center which is Thu Thiem Urban Area in District 2. Moreover, the project’s location has a number of other high-level apartment projects such as The Eastern, Villa Park, luxury villas and townhouses Park Riverside, Mega Village residential area. Khang Dien created a real estate complex with many facilities around. However, the Lucasta’s highlight not only is convenient to the city center but also sufficiently isolated to avoid the noise area. It creates an ecological villa area with the fresh environment, harmony with nature.

Classical design inspired by nature filled with light

The Lucasta’s highlight is 140 single and double villas which are designed in harmony between the ground floor and 2 floors. It is the luxury and modern direction but not separate from nature. This project becomes a harmonious and unified mass.

Because the living space is always full of light and natural, the villas are like a masterpiece of art. In addition, the sophisticated architecture and open design provide an ideal living space for families living here.

It can be said that Lucasta Villa promises to bring the value of life both physically and mentally to residents. This project not only has the peaceful place but also has the modern furniture to meet the resident’s demands. This is the most luxury eco-villa in HCMC.

Variety of facilities

Lucasta Villa not only is a prominent design in the central area of District 9 but also is highly appreciated with combining ecological environment, various utility services. The total area is 8.2 ha. However, the construction density of the project is only 34%. The remaining area is natural space, the construction of public facilities and services. Therefore, surrounding Lucasta Villa is a system of green trees, internal roads, ecological lake. It like the center of climate control. Helping the environment here to be fresher in accordance with the resting space of an ecological villa project.

Lucasta Villa District 9

Lucasta Villa provides a clean living space with a wide range of amenities that help the homeowner to feel a bit contemporary in harmony with the natural space in each villa.

In addition, Lucasta Villa also aims to contribute to the creation of a living space with the system of built-up facilities complete and standard investment. Including high-level pool, shopping mall, gym, tennis court, beauty spa, BBQ and food service, clinic, kindergarten. It brings a real life, comfort, modernity. This project also likes the garden villas in the countryside, classy compounds combined with ecological space, filled with nature.

Reasonable price and many big promotion policies for customers

Lucasta Villa District 9

The design of the Lucasta mansion in District 9 emphasizes harmony with the natural environment that accompanies the breath of contemporary life in the subtle traits of the home.

The Lucasta Villa project has a price that makes many people feel surprised. Although the villas are an ideal ecological environment, the duplex villas’ price here is only from $ 348000  to $ 374000.  The Lucasta single-family villas have the selling price ranging from $ 431000 to $ 1,1 million depending on area and location. In addition, with the favor of the owner and flexible fiscal policy, customers who want to buy Lucasta District 9 villas can enjoy up to 18% discount on early payment. This figure is impressive compared to only 5-10% in many other villa projects. Helping families and investors to save a small amount of money when making decisions to invest in assets value of tens of billions. In addition, Khang Dien also connects with Vietinbank and other banking systems that allow homebuyers to borrow up to 80% of the value of the villas in Lucasta District 9.

Thus, the project Lucasta Villa Khang Dien brings a lot of surprises for the real estate market. Not only good location, design level in harmony with natural space, the project also has the reasonable price to comes with a lot of high-end gadget comes. Lucasta Villa District 9 promises to continue to be a successful real estate project of Khang Dien investor by fitting to customer tastes while creating true values and living spaces in the villa area. The most ecological level of Ho Chi Minh City today.

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