Discovering 5 Golden Benefits In Ha Do Centrosa Garden

Ha Do Centrosa Garden with five golden advantages which build a value for the urban.

Ha Do Centrosa Garden a high end luxury apartment project invested by Ha Do Group, is one of ten outstanding developers in 2016. With a central location, impressive design, along with numerous utilities accompanying promises to be an ideal place to work with you to build a home.

Let’s find out about the “golden advantage” of this great Ha Do Centrosa Garden project!

Class status: HaDoi Centrosa Garden is located in a central location of District 10, at 200 3/2 Street, Ward 12. This is the important road intersection with Cao Thang and Cach Mang Thang Tam Street. The land that this “golden” apartment is located in the possession of the Ministry of Defense should be able to see the true value, not simply exclaim.

The place around where you live will certainly be a desirable location because this place is centrally located. You only take 6.1km to get to Tan Son Nhat International Airport. Not only that, you can find a number of leading hospitals such as Van Hanh Hospital, 115 People’s Hospital, Binh Ngoc Hospital, Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University …. Hoa Binh Park, Le Thi Rieng Park, Hoa Binh Theater, District 10 Children’s Theater … and shopping malls: Ben Thanh Market(2.8km), Maximark (100m)

To enter the central district, you also easy to travel: to district 10 with 7 minutes, district 3 about 2 minutes, district 5 with 8 minutes, Tan Binh District, Phu Nhuan with 7 minutes.

Legal clarity, set assured to settle down.

If you choose to buy an apartment to settle in, to build a home, you will need to find out about the legal requirements for acquiring clear information about the project. Ha Do Apartment Centrosa Garden ensures legal transparency, the information provided to the customer fully, answer all questions. Residents of Vietnamese nationality are granted a “pink book” – confirming the owner’s long-term ownership.

Design “impression” and create something special.

Ha Do Centrosa Garden, a project that you cannot be ignored by the guaranteed design of Singapore’s famous Surbana, is planned by a French unit: Archetype. This will be a project of international stature, match your level.

“Centrosa” is derived from Centro meaning ‘center’, Sa meaning “Sa” is from Saigon, can understand here is a project in the center of Saigon. Garden is used in the name of the project because the idea of ​​design of the apartment is as “flower garden” in the middle of the city. In Ha Do Centrosa Garden, you find 3 blocks representing 3 species of meaning flowers. The Iris area, the flower of the meaning of soothing pain, disease healing, built with 4 houses. Jasmine – Jasmine area, designed with two subdivisions: Jasmine 1, Jasmine 2 with hanging gardens, aerial swimming pool. The remaining blocks are: Orchid with two areas: Orchid 1, Orchid 2, vision each direction to Ham Rong wharf, bustling Bach Dang.

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In addition to the popular types of apartments such as 1 bedroom for single people, young family, 2 bedroom apartment, 3 bedroom apartment. When choosing the HaDoi Centrosa Garden, you can also find the multi-purpose rooms built which can be used as rooms for guests, reading rooms or children’s play area (apartment picture). In addition, each floor has its own elevator to transport garbage, parking in the air that few places have.

Ha Do Centrosa Garden

Ha Do Centrosa Garden is very luxurious and delicate design in every detail

Ha Do Centrosa Garden, nice house good price:

This large-scale project is appreciated by experts for a low price, competitive price and other apartments in the same location. However, when the price was offered only $1783 / sqm including 100% Vat for the block Orchid 2, the apartment has “fluttered” investors and received the attention of those who are looking for place to construct home.

The investment advantage is extremely attractive for you:

You are probably wondering when choosing the Ha Do Centrosa Garden project with the reminder of central projects such as Masteri district 2, Vinhomes Central Park or Vinhomes Golden River project … However, this project has the advantage of attraction separately.

Ha Do Centrosa Garden is only 2187 units, compared to 10000 properties such as Vinhomes Central Park or 3000 properties such as Vinhomes Golden River, Masteri district 2, the competitiveness in the area can be considered less than.

Moreover, around the place where Ha Do Centrosa Garden is located, you can see that the good land for construction of 6.85 hectares as this project is not much, so the competitiveness is also lower, the rental is much easier.

With the ever-changing urbanization cycle, you face many challenges in lives, the Ha Do Centrosa Garden project will be extremely smart and reasonable. Five golden criteria not only meet the needs of living ideal but also contribute to raising the level of ownership of the owner.

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