Discovery Utilities In Masteri M-One Maintenance Project

Is Master One M One Go Vap Apartments really worth living and worth investing in? Join us to explore the Grassroots Utilities System at Master-M-One Project in Go Vap.

The Master-M-One project in Go Vap was selected by many customers as a long-term residence. Apart from the favorable transportation position, the project also possessed a very high level of utility system. The way is complete and full of flawless life that residents want.

From the local utility to the existing utility available at the Masteri M-One Project, all are guaranteed to a high level. If you are choosing the long-term living space of Saigon, you will not be able to miss the high-end Masteri branded apartments under construction in Go Vap District.

Facilities service in M-One Go Vap

A full range of facilities within the complex as well as outside m-one master mound area

Looking at the overview and in-depth information about the utility system at Master-M-One Go Vap, we believe that any customer will express their satisfaction, whether it be the most difficult ones. With the contact and direct consultation for customers are inquiring, ordering apartments at Masteri M-One Nguyen Binh Khiem – Go Vap, we have summarized and bring you the following useful information:

Built-in interior finishing inside Master I M-One Project Project Go Vap:

Although the total area of the Master-M-One project in Go Vap is not too large (2,486 m2), and the size of the project is not “big” (2 blocks with 13 floors – 15 floors, 160 units). However, Masteri M-One Go Vap, when it was built by investor Thao Dien Investment, also brought in a great responsibility to help Saigon residents have more quality living space.

It is because of that goal when developing the project, the investor has spent a lot of time and money on local amenities to give residents the most positive experiences right inside the neighborhood where you live. Specifically some of the most prominent items, including:

– Gymnasium, full health care with modern gym, spa – high-grade sauna, spacious open-air pool with the impressive view from the 13th floor, walking a path in a mini garden park …

Facility service in M-One Go Vap project

Residents living in Masteri Mone Gia Dinh Go Vap will enjoy a full life, full facilities right inside the project.

– Children’s play area and barbecue party for family members to have fun together, entertain together for free weekends. This area will always be filled with laughter, creating the overall atmosphere Masteri M-One Go Vap.

– Convenience Mini Stop is a place where residents can buy basic necessities and food for life without having to go far, without having to go to the market … Although close to where the project is located, there are a number of hypermarkets and traditional markets. Within the Masteri M-One area of Go Vap, the shophouse is also home to an enjoyable shopping experience for residents.

– A community living room, where families can exchange friends and talk to each other, is the place where collective activities of all residents living in the apartment building take place.

In addition to the prominent internal facilities on the project site, the investor also arranges a full range of elevators, escalators, dedicated camera systems, video call systems, permanent guards 24 / 7 … to ensure the safety and privacy of the residents. This is especially important for the attractiveness of the project, as security issues in Saigon have always been a top concern for residents today.

Wander around the Master-me-M-One Project Go Vap explore the attractive outside area:

Facility service in M-One Go Vap project

Outdoor amusement park and green promenade right at the apartment Masteri Mone Gia Dinh

With the full internal amenities, the quality of living space of the residents at the Master-M-One Project in Go Vap is guaranteed. However, that is not enough to show the full appeal of the project, due to the fact that Masteri M-One Gò Vấp is inherited, also because of the favorable location adjacent to the suburban facilities level.

At the same time, existing utilities are available in the area where the project is projected, and you will be surprised that almost all of the “gadget worlds” are within reach, with just a few minutes of travel, it was easy to reach. Specific:

– For entertainment, shopping, dining: Residents can go to Emart Phan Van Tri, Lotte Mart, Nguyen Van Luong, Big C, Coop Mart, Auchan, Vincom Plaza, Vincom Quang Trung, Hanh Thong Tay Market. … or you also have laughter in the neighborhood Pham Van Dong, Duong Quang Ham …

– About hospital medical services: You can move quickly to the 175 Military Hospital, Vu Anh International Hospital, Hong Duc Hospital, or towards Binh Thanh adjacent to the Hospital for Cancer, Gia Dinh People’s Hospital…

– About the school system: In the area where the Master-me-M-One Go Vap project is located, it is surrounded by schools (grades from kindergarten to high school), universities and colleges.

With the system of utility in excess, the project Masteri M-One Go Vap attracts a large number of customers are also “natural advantage”.

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