Disputing in Mon City: The owner promised to measure the entire area of ​​the apartment

Relating to many residents at the Mon City project strained the apartment with a shortage of space, investor HD Mon Holdings said they would measure the entire area of ​​the apartments, except for the apartments refused to measure again.

On August 11th, HD Mon Holdings and hundreds of Mon City residents had a talk on the shortage of apartments.

At the conference, Dang Xuan Tam, General Director of HD Mon Holdings, said that the company will conduct a re-measure of the total area of ​​the apartments in the project (except for the apartments refuse to measure again).

Investors will measure the total area of ​​the apartment in Mon City

Investors will measure the total area of ​​the apartment in Mon City

However, the dispute broke out when the two sides failed to agree on how to measure the area of ​​the box and the technical box.

Specifically, on how to measure the plot area, HD Mon General Director stressed that the investor has written in the request of the Department of Housing Management and Real Estate Market (Ministry of Construction) Water apartment.

Accordingly, the written response of the Housing Management and Real Estate Market stated: Clause 2, Article 101 of the Housing Law 2014 stipulates the use area of ​​the apartment or other area in the apartment building owned The owner of the condominium is calculated according to the size of the water including the wall area of ​​the room inside the apartment, the area of ​​balcony, lot (if any) and excluding the wall of the house. , partition walls, floor area with columns, technical boxes located inside the apartment. When calculating the area of ​​the balcony, the entire floor area; In the case of a balcony with a common wall area, it is calculated from the inner edge of the common wall.

Thus, the 2014 Housing Law only specifies how to calculate the balcony area without specifying how to calculate the area of ​​the plot, “Mr.Tam said.

According to Tam, in terms of appearance outside the plot and the balcony is no different so the investor applies the way of calculating the area of ​​the plot by the way the area of ​​the balcony is prescribed by law as the outer edge floor area.

However, the point of view of the Director General HD Mon is not the representative of HD Mon City residents concur. Representatives of residents have referred to the current law and standards on the balcony with different technical issues should not be considered superficial.

Desiring to end the petition soon, Mr. Tam said that he would consult the residents and recommend the residents for a period of 3 working days to refer to the calculation of the apartment area in a number of projects in Hanoi.

“If the area that investors measure is not enough for the residents, we will pay back completely in accordance with the contract, the area that exceeds our residents will calculate the treatment from the point of view consistent, “Mr.Tam said.

Representative HD Mon also promised to hold another dialogue, inviting the Ministry of Construction officials to explain how to measure the area of ​​the technical box. It is expected that this dialogue will take place 15 days later.

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