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How had District 4 changed and became the focus of the HCMC real estate market?

District 4 market is the center of real estate in Saigon

From the position of an island, district 4 has changed drastically and became the core city. The bustle of the real estate market has fueled the spectacular “escape” and turned it into a busy, dynamic area.

Large road opened …

Prior to 2000, the real estate market in District 4 was almost unnoticed and somewhat quiet due to its isolated location and underdeveloped infrastructure. However, over time, the planning with the expansion, upgrading as well as the construction of bridges and roads have made the urban face of District 4 change rapidly.

The bridges such as Khanh Hoi, Lanh, Calmette, Nguyen Van Cu … have connected District 4 with the center and other districts in the south of the city, creating favorable conditions for trade and change the look like before.

The advantage of District 4 over other parts of the city
District 4 changed and became the focus of the HCMC real estate market

From the position of “isolated”, District 4 has escaped into a crowded core city in the heart of the city.

The urban renewal program also transforms the Ben Van Don road from a small, slum-lined road to a high-rise building, becoming a “counterweight” to Vo Van Kiet Boulevard on the bank of District 1.

With beautiful views of the city center and adjacent to District 1, District 5, Ben Don has attracted many the rich real estate to invest with a series of apartment projects.

Previously, the apartment area is only concentrated at the end of the road with apartment blocks Khanh Hoi, Van Do, Ton Theoretical …, now the high-end segment projects are concentrated along the route and tend to be concentrated in the downtown area.

With the development of more and more high-end, high-end apartments as well as low-cost apartments, District 4 is and will be a “paradise” for real estate investors in the present and future. .

Along with the development of almost “bare floor” of Ben Van Don road, the remaining two riverside roads of district 4 are Nguyen Tat Thanh and Ton That Thuyet are also being investigated by developers. The large projects such as Vinhomes Khanh Hoi, Riva Park district 4 …

Go to the future …

The resonance of infrastructure planning and real estate market is forecasted to grow stronger in the near future and make District 4 the most vibrant market in the CBD.

Tran Quoc Quan, Chairman of People’s Committee of District 4, said that urban refurbishment and infrastructure improvement are the key programs of the district and the city in the coming time.

District 4’s People’s Committee is reviewing for investors to renovate and replace old condominiums such as 6 bis Nguyen Tat Thanh, Truc Giang apartment … The project is funded by budget including 3 projects, 1,739 dwellings. Expected compensation, support and resettlement capital is about VND2,501.8 billion.

The strong development of residential infrastructure district 4
The strong development of residential infrastructure has made District 4 the most vibrant area of ​​the real estate market

The construction and expansion of Ton That Thuyet Street and the construction of a green park on the banks of the Te canal are being promoted by the city. Extension of Ton That Thuyet street to clear the houses and canal side is expected to release 468 white houses and partially clear 428 houses with total investment estimated VND1,466 billion. People’s Committee Ho Chi Minh City has agreed to adjust the protection corridor of Te canal. It is 27m.

The project of building Khanh Hoi Lake Park in the form of public-private partnerships (PPPs) with a total estimated investment of VND 750 billion is in the process of site clearance. For Cau Dua canal rehabilitation project, District 4 is calling for investment by PPP. Total estimated investment is VND 230 billion.

The expansion project of Nguyen Tat Thanh Street has been relocated to about 80%, expected to ensure the plan to hand over clean land to local authorities in 2018. Nguyen Tat Thanh Street will be expanded. becoming the most beautiful riverine route in the city.

Nguyen Tat Thanh street
Nguyen Tat Thanh street, the “backbone” of District 4 after being renovated will become the most beautiful riverside route in the city.

In addition, District 4 is implementing urban upgrading program, transport development, flood reduction in 2016-2020 period. Among them, there are traffic development projects such as the construction of the new road No. 1 (from Ton That Thuyet Street to 326 Doan Van Be Street), D3 Street (from Ton That Thuyet Street to Nguyen Tat Thanh Street).

City-based transport projects will help increase connectivity between District 4 and neighboring counties. The project of building Nguyen Khoai road will have a gateway connecting to District 1.

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With the explosion of infrastructure, in the near future District 4 will be more spacious and crowded with the land of real estate projects of the size. According to experts in real estate industry, not only the growth of the number of projects but the quality of real estate market in District 4 will also be raised to new stature.

With the tendency of green living in the central districts, apartment projects in District 4 with green design, close to nature and beautiful river view will dominate the market.

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How had District 4 changed and became the focus of the HCMC real estate market?

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