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District 4 market will go further

The high-end apartment building

District 4 has many factors to be able to become the highlight of the real estate in the last year. From location, planning, investment strategy, … so District 4 can become a new center of Ho Chi Minh City.

The strategic urban planning

Currently, District 4 is gradually becoming the economic center and transfer center of Ho Chi Minh City. This is clearly shown on the urban planning map that the city recently issued. In the near future, District 4 will no longer be a slum on the edge of the river that people often think of when referring to this locality. Instead, they will be high-end condominiums, financial centers and the most modern commercial centers in the city.

With the advantage of location close to the center of District 1, District 4 is also a bridge with Saigon South with Kenh Te bridge system. The city will also build additional Thu Thiem 3 and 4 bridges (connecting District 4 and the new urban district of District 2 across the Saigon River); Nguyen Khoai Bridge and Long Kieng Bridge (located on Nguyen Khoai Road).

District 4
District 4 will be the convergence of the commercial center, the apartment building, the most modern city

The important infrastructure projects

There are important routes running through and have been newly built to upgrade other routes such as Van Don wharf, Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ton That Thuyet, … A series of projects to upgrade internal roads, help District 4 has reduced the traffic jams over time. It also helps to reduce flooding even during the peak flood season.

Especially, if Metro 4 is put into operation (Thanh Xuan route, District 12 – Nguyen Van Linh, District 7), the movement and travel of residents of District 4 with the East or West districts of the city. is easy and convenient. Besides, the buildings, high-rise apartments grow up close on the road of Van Don wharf such as icon 56, Galaxy 9 (not far from Van Don wharf) to use to create a new view. Batch for District 4. The project has contributed to the beauty of the road including all these luxury apartments.

At the same time, large scale projects such as River Gate, The Tresor, Delasol Capitaland, etc. are also in the process of being rushed to launch this year. These high-rise apartment buildings will change the face powder district 4. At the same time will promote the real estate market development of this region, leading to the development of the city economy.

The high-end apartment building
The high-end apartment building will be the highlight of District 4 on the map of HCMC in the near future

Attracting many investors

Real estate market in District 4 is an emerging market, but more and more people are more interested in the interest. Thanks to a beautiful location and there are high-end projects implemented by well-known investors who are forming here.

Delasol Capitaland high-grade apartment project in District 4 is one of the most prominent examples of high-end apartment projects in District 4 to be launched this year bringing a very unique design by Capitaland investors from Singapore.

This project is expected to generate resounding success like the previous projects that Capitaland made investment in Vietnam. Coming to the Capitaland apartment district 4 is just like other high-end projects in District 4. Customers will not have to think about the potential of these projects because of the location and development of District 4. Delasol Capitaland District 4 is a project of Capitaland so it is always assured of progress coming from this foreign investor.

With construction progress always investors from the island lion guarantee for customers. Delasol Capitaland project will make their customers surprise as they will become investors who own luxury apartments on the first Van Don road.

In this project, the residents will be able to relax with the system of internal facilities including swimming pool of both adults and children on the 5th floor with the design of the system and the filter system. The water is of international standard.

All the fitness needs will be met by the owner by the Gym and Yoga rooms have a view of the pool. In addition, Delasol will also spend most of the area on the ground floor to accommodate the campus and outdoor exercise area, …

Maintaining a healthy living environment

In addition to investment and rapid economic development. District 4 also does not ignore environmental issues. That this district has the project to green fields with the purpose of becoming the “green lung” of the city in the future. Specifically, the approved planning of the project Khanh Hoi lake (17.6 ha wide) and Nguyen Kieu Isle (2.7 ha).

DeLaSol Capitaland District 4 creates real value on the market in District 4 being exciting

With the advantages mentioned above, many experts have the same recognition that district 4 in the next time will lead the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City. That is very clear by the movement of the major in real estate such as NovaLand, Hong Ha, Hoang Anh Gia Lai, …

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