District 7 – Property Sales In Saigon South

HCMC proeprty has been asserting its position on the real estate of the country in particular that for the economic growth of the country in general.

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In addition to the stable development of the central proeprty areas such as District 1, 3.5, the East Saigon proeprty as well as District 7 property in recent years has emerged vigorously.

Many leading real estate experts estimate that District 7 will be the collateral for property sales in Saigon South. What factors make strong appeal for property in District 7 as today. Follow Vietnam Real Estate to learn more about this issue.

Infrastructure and transportation system

District 7 is known as the lowland, has the lowest terrain throughout the city. However, for more than a decade now with careful planning as well as increasingly synchronized utility systems, traffic … District 7 gradually became a new property center that many dream of .

According to information from the local government, to better serve the needs of people as well as promote economic, social and real estate development. District 7 has been promoting many infrastructure projects and transportation throughout the area.

On traffic, the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City decided to build a number of large bridges such as the Thu Thiem 4 bridges linking District 7 with District 2 to connect East and South Saigon; Nguyen Khoai bridge project connecting District 7 with District 4 …

District 7 real estate

District 7’s traffic is getting better and better

Road projects have also been expanded in District 7, including the widened Nguyen Huu Tho – Nguyen Van Linh project. Nguyen Luong Bang, Huynh Tan Phat … or plan to build Metro Line 4 … The port system in the area is also planning and transferring power to the government to continue business.

In terms of infrastructure, District 7 has always been considered as the highest living district in the whole city. Public utilities in this area are in top no 1 and meet international quality standards. District 7, however, continues to build increasingly advanced infrastructure and develops a special focus on the physical and mental health of people.

Particular attraction from space, design

It is no coincidence that investors and customers have special favor for District 7 real estate items. According to real estate experts, District 7 houses not only bring the breath of the times. The design is very luxurious, comfortable but still bring the color of the Vietnamese style, space bold Vietnamese. Make the user feel comfortable and warm in their own home.

District 7 real estate

Luxury design space, the level of real estate District 7

Together with the green space and integrated light, it seems that the design of the house in District 7 is very individual, very close and very luxurious. On the other hand, according to a survey by Vietnam Real Estate, some reputable real estate brokerage companies show that the same area, value but benefits and experiences in the District 7 houses. Take a class, breath completely different from other areas.

Diversification of real estate items

Many customers said that they are afraid to find information real estate District 7 because of the default thinking that this is the most expensive area in HCM City. However, in the face of real estate, District 7 is also increasingly diversified with many attractive real estate items to attract and create opportunities for investment and ownership.

District 7 real estate

A beautiful garden house in District 7

In fact, District 7 real estate has no difference compared to other segments in terms of price and segment. The apartment projects here are valued from 1 billion to tens of billion with the segment from high to low for the customers and investors choosing.

Attracting large foreign investment

District 7 has the highest percentage of foreign investment attraction in the city. Major investors in the region are extremely famous names in the real estate of our country such as Vin Group, Dat Xanh, Unicon.

With many high-end real estate projects, the international standard of real estate in District 7 also draws overseas remittances from overseas Vietnamese to invest in real estate, creating a very strong potential for development.

With a potential position with capital, infrastructure, transport and design, the space is superior. Property District 7 is not lucrative as the revenue guarantee for real estate in Saigon South now but also promises to be a “blooming flower” of property in HCM City in the present and future.

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