District 7 – The World Of the Apartments

District 7 has a convenient location, which is near Sai Gon city center. Thus, district 7 has become the world of high-class apartments.

District 7 is located at rival position with high competitive advantage. As the number of people pouring into the city center is gradually increasing, crowded residential areas are contaminated. Therefore, many people want to find places not far from the city center in order to settle down. Understanding the expectation of people, a lot of Apartment of District 7 projects are appeared to serve the needs of permanent residence.

Famous Apartment projects on the real estate market

Being close to the city center, district 7 benefits from the facilities, high quality and convenient infrastructure traffic. This is the reason why district 7 welcomes all the open real estate projects.

In recent years, there are a lot of projects such as Kenton Node Hotel complex, VinCity, Sai Gon Peninsula … which are the projects of real estate as well as customers choice-focusing on attention of buying to invest, to stay.

District 7 apartment world

District 7 apartment world

In the situation that the supply is not enough to meet the demand, investors are speeding up the completion of the project, building more projects and ensuring the quality of the projects. Each apartment has its own characteristics, its own geodesic location, but aims to create a modern civilized city that fully meets the needs of the people.

In each project, investors are building high-class services to reduce the travel time and labor of the residents here with the type of luxury apartments, hospital, school, office, park, shopping mall, supermarket, swimming pool, spa, gym, … with more than 50 utilities, you and your family are happy to settle in each Apartment project District 7.

The Features of Project Kenton Node Hotel Complex

Kenton Node has a beautiful location on Nguyen Huu Tho Street, a busy street and a crossing bridge between District 7 and Nha Be District, where the river flows through the scenery built here.

District 7 apartment world

Project kenton node district 7

Located outside the Kenton Node city center, with an area of nearly 11 hectares and a total green area of 77%, the total building density is only 23%. This is a fresh airy space that will help future residents live the most comfortable life after a tired working days and enjoy with their family and loved ones.

At Kenton Node, you can move easily to the center of District 7 in 7 minutes, move to the new urban crowded city in 10 minutes, 15 minutes to My Hung urban … and many other places. Located in the most populated residential area of the city, the serial of buildings here creates a wonderful scene.

District 7 apartment world

Kenton Node riverside

Kenton apartments are designed about 1-3 bedrooms with the area also varies from 61m2 – 145m2 for you to choose freely to meet the needs of living, as well as the pocket of their existing family. The services are also reasonably integrated with more than 50 utility services such as schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, parks, spas, gyms … you and your family don’t need to go far to use the necessary utilities but use the gadget right around your home.

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