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Do Nghia market town – the traditional features right inside the urban center

Do Nghia market town - the traditional features right inside the urban center

Cleverly interwoven between the modern features of the 21st century and the tradition of small business of Vietnamese tradition, Do Nghia townhouse – Duong Noi Urban is attracting customers by its profitability value, modern facilities, and attractive preferences from Nam Cuong Group.

The traditional features in the heart of the urban area

Vietnamese have a long tradition of shopping in small shops not only due to the convenience in moving, parking to find a store quickly but also not trapped in crowded trade center.

Doi Nghia market street was designed by Nam Cuong Group to create more modern utilities in Duong Noi ecological urban area, in line with the general development trend but also be able to retain the traditional features.

To meet the demands of customers using the first floor as business kiosks, the front of each Do Nghia townhouse villa has spacious space, convenient for shopping. The ground floor is used to open a shop or office, the upper floors are used for living space for the family which is both private and especially convenient for business operations.

With a flexible area of  from 75 – 101m2 suitable for many types of customers, Do Nghia townhouse is designed with minimalist but modern style, optimizing the space and using area. Each room has large windows and a large balcony to fully receive natural light and wind, providing a spacious and close to nature environment.

Located in Duong Noi, Do Nghia townhouse are fully entitled to ecological fresh space and synchronous utility system of the most modern urban area of the capital. The first outdoor astronomy park in Southeast Asia, guitar-symbol music park, high quality inter-school system, Nam Cuong International Hospital are among many great facilities brought by the owner for the residents here.

The amenities of the urban area not only increase the life value but also attract a large number of residents coming here to settle. The basis of a civilized population and the plentiful and stable consumption demand of 30 thousand people of the urban area will ensure the profitability of Do Nghia market town.

Large number of preferences

With an aim to assist customers to make the most reasonable investment choice, Nam Cuong Group investor offers flexible payment policies and discount to only 30 townhouses in Do Nghia.

In particular, in August, customers successfully book to buy the projects will be discounted up to nearly 300 million which is deducted directly when signing the sale contract. If customers pay early with their own money, they will also enjoy the discount rate of 9%/year for the early payment amount and the number of early payment days.

In addition, the owner offers 0% interest rate for 12 months (to the time of handover) to customers making bank loan package to pay according to schedule. At the same time, customers are discounted directly into the sale price up to nearly 200 million.

With an investment of just VND 3.3 billion and unprecedented financial assistance, Do Nghia townhouse is the optimal investment option for customers wishing to own a home integrated with business functions.

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