Do Sunshine Avenue Apartment District 8 really have potential?

The real estate market in District 8 is still a potential market with new projects being offered for sale. In particular, the Sunshine Avenue apartment project in District 8 is a remarkable project that possesses superior potential compared to other projects and segments.

Real estate development potential in District 8

Being one of the districts near the southwest gate of the city, District 8 still has distinct advantages in terms of infrastructure as well as large land funds for synchronous development. Preliminary assessment of the real estate development in District 8, experts are still evaluating the place is attractive investment with a variety of real estate potential.

Infrastructure in District 8 can see the development and improvement of each day with the strategic infrastructure of the whole city.

Real estate in District 8 has great potential for development

Real estate in District 8 has great potential for development

  • Significant name in it is Vo Van Kiet. This arterial route has the task of connecting two key areas of the East and West areas smoothly. The length of the route reaches over 21km through districts such as District 1, District 2, District 4, District 5, District 6, Binh Tan District and Binh Chanh District. This is a modern road up to 10 lanes with quality construction.
  • There are also bridges and roads that are prioritized for development, renovation and upgrading to diversify the most convenient transportation options. Binh Tien bridge project worth more than 3500USD has been approved by the city. Completion bridge connects the banks of the Tau Hu canal and the Double canal. At the same time, reducing the traffic pressure for the current Cha Cha Bridge, Nguyen Van Linh Street, Vo Van Kiet Boulevard.
  • The upgrading of District 8 is one of the district’s infrastructure development strategies. Thanks to these items, District 8 has changed its face. The development of the district is to build a modern, green city. Notably, the renovation of Tau Hu canal aims to beautify the urban landscape with the sympathy of the city as well as the residents themselves.

Regarding traffic, in addition to the above roads, there are also new traffic items in District 8 to serve the needs of local residents in a convenient way.

  • Metro 3A metro station project with Ben Thanh – Tan Kien road will solve the problem of connecting with major transportation centers of the city.
  • The 2 – Lo Gom river bus route will pass through the districts of 2,4,5,6,8, thus contributing to the opening of business and development opportunities in District 8.
Boulevard Vo Van Kiet with 10 lanes adjacent to the project apartment Sunshine Avenue

Boulevard Vo Van Kiet with 10 lanes adjacent to the project apartment Sunshine Avenue

With practical advantages, apart from the projects that have been developed, District 8 has welcomed many new projects. This is a good signal confirming the potential location of District 8 for project development in this area. Highlights are projects such as Phu Dinh port city, High Intela, Topaz Elite …

Potential of the Sunshine Avenue project

Sunshine Avenue is a prominent apartment project in the District 8 real estate market at the moment when it has quickly utilized the amenities of the district’s complete infrastructure to grow. Customers who are planning to explore the project of District 8 should not miss the Sunshine Avenue project.

Competitive price

In the same segment of the apartment project, there are other projects worth noting. However, the price level of the Sunshine Avenue project is quite competitive compared to the actual value of the apartment. While Sunshine Avenue was offered at VND1.1 billion per unit, other projects are priced at VND17 million / sqm – VND25 million / sqm.

Sunshine Avenue apartments

Sunshine Avenue apartments have competitive prices in the area

Sunshine Avenue is considered as the “golden egg”, the competitive price is completely attractive to customers who intend to settle down and real estate business because of the liquidity of Sunshine Avenue apartment project. Benefit is quite high. Once the infrastructure items are finalized, the potential for value growth lies in the range of 20-30% per year

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At the Sunshine Avenue apartment project, development projects for interior items are quite homogeneous. These facilities are equipped to meet the needs of living of all residents here. A comfortable life, level in the heart of the city is extremely convenient waiting for the residents of the apartment project Sunshine Avenue experience.

  • Commercial center with floor area 7974sqm full of shopping needs entertainment, beauty, …
  • International standard Kindergarten right in the Sunshine Avenue project area.
  • Gymnasium, gym …
  • Modern swimming pool.
  • Park green with 60.4 area of ​​the project.
  • Security protection system using modern technology.

Swimming pool at Sunshine Avenue apartment project

  • In addition to the advantageous position, Sunshine Avenue apartment project also owns remarkable outdoor facilities:
  • Supermarkets, Big C Trade Center, Mega Market, Aeon, Ben Thanh Market …
  • Near public school, international.
  • Near Cho Ray Hospital …

Special points

Sunshine Avenue is special when it owns the dominant position. The Sunshine Avenue apartment project is located at 41, Ward 16, District 8, less than 150 meters from An Duong Vuong and Vo Van Kiet intersections. From this position, the plans to move to the West, the East, to the city center are convenient.

Sales policy

Perspective of Sunshine Avenue apartment project in District 8

Perspective of Sunshine Avenue apartment project in District 8

Immediately after the stake is held, the first payment is the customer will sign the contract with the investor. The progress of payment spreading creates favorable conditions for customers with the rate of payment from the second round onwards is only about 8%. With the final payment, customers receive the certificate of ownership of the apartment in accordance with the regulations from the investor. Customers can also use the form of bank loans for payment with the support from the appointed bank cooperation Vietnam is very convenient.

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