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Does Saigon Mystery Villas Have Legal Security?

Saigon Mystery Villas have legal security

Hung Thinh Saigon Mystery Villas owns a system of utility – quality services should be crowded customer interest. To bring more peace of mind to customers when investing and buying to live, the project investor has publicly decided to plan 1/500 scale as well as project guarantee certificate from BIDV.

Project overview Saigon Mystery Villas

Continuing the chain of completed projects, Hung Thinh Corp has succeeded in breaking into the market of high-rise townhouses and villas. Saigon Mystery Villas is a multi-product project providing the market:

  • Saigon Mystery Villa: 72 floors (Single)
  • Saigon Mystery House: 279 floors (including adjacent townhouses and commercial townhouses)
  • Saigon Mystery Apartment: 950 apartments (52sqm – 95sqm, 1 – 3 bedrooms).

Among them, villas and townhouses are attracted by investors, because in the same area of District 2, Saigon Mystery Villas is currently a few projects are supplying this product line.

Saigon Mystery Villas have legal security
Perspective of Saigon Mystery Villas project

The value of the Saigon Mystery Villas project is highly appreciated as it occupies a prime location in Thanh My Loi area, District 2. The project is located in a 15ha land area with 2 sides bordering the river bringing cool, The living space for residents living and working here. Bring soul into every design, villas, houses of Saigon Mystery Villas will bring modern style to increase utility for the owner.

Besides, Saigon Mystery Villas is also equipped with a variety of local and foreign facilities to enrich the quality of the project. Saigon Mystery Villas has: business center; swimming pool sky view; garden walkway, cafe terrace; Green Park 2ha along the river Giong Ong To … and many other utilities to serve the needs of residents of this place.

Legal corridor of Saigon Mystery Villas

With the scale of the project Saigon Mystery Villas, many customers are afraid about the legal corridor for villas, houses. In order to create peace of mind, Hung Thinh Corp has provided the latest legal evidence of the project, which is on October 26, 2017, which is the 1/500 master plan of Saigon Mystery Villas. District 2 People’s Committee approved).

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Saigon Mystery Villas have legal security
View of Saigon Mystery Villas

Thus, legally, Saigon Mystery Villas project is completely clear to investors as well as residents peace of mind. Once approved, the 1/500 Plan also means that the Saigon Mystery Villas project has met the specific spatial and landscape planning. The works of Saigon Mystery Villas project are full of basic design including: shape, space on the outside, related rooms … In this approval, Saigon Mystery Villas itself also meet The construction of a link between the central building and external factors such as parks, gardens, walkways … Thus, with the master plan 1/500 holding hands, the investor of Saigon Mystery Villas project has boldly sent to customers the best real estate products.

What is the name of Saigon Mystery Villas?

While the guarantee operation of the bank is actually a form of lending, but it is important to choose partners how each of the investors. With the scale of the project as well as the value of the name was created in the real estate market, Hung Thinh Corp has joined with BIDV Bank in the project Saigon Mystery Villas.

Saigon Mystery Villas have legal security
The Saigon Mystery Villas project is guaranteed by BIDV

BIDV Bank is one of the banks with capital as well as technology to participate in the real estate project. The number of real estate projects that BIDV is sponsoring in HCM City market is not small. There are estimated projects worth several hundred billion. Through these projects, the role of BIDV has been strengthened as well as much improved. As such, as well as guaranteed projects, Saigon Mystery Villas has been audited by BIDV for the legal documentation involved, as well as the financial viability of the project.

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