Dong Nai: Discharging the toll gate for Tet holiday

The BOT toll gate in Dong Nai province will simultaneously discharge the station at least 3-4 days peak to ensure traffic throughout the Lunar New Year 2018.

Dong Nai Department of Transportation said that the agency is proposing the investor of the BOT projects in the area to ensure traffic safety during the Lunar New Year and at the same time plans to discharge the toll gate on Tet holiday.

The Department of Transport also plans and advises the People’s Committee of Dong Nai province to propose to investors to discharge the toll gate on Tet holiday. For 3 BOT stations managed by the province, the agency will agree on the plan, can discharge the toll gate from 30 December to 3 rd Tet.

The driver buys tickets at the BOT to avoid Bien Hoa.

The driver buys tickets at the BOT to avoid Bien Hoa.

For BOT national highway 1 and national highway 51, Dong Nai province will propose the above plan to serve people traveling on the occasion of Tet.

“For the BOT stations managed by the province, we will agree on a specific scheme for discharging stations, while a BOT project managed by the central government depends on the investor’s financial plan and can not be captured. The department only recommends the Ministry of Transport to consider, “Dong Nai Department of Transport said.

Particularly about the traffic safety situation at the BOT Bien Hoa crossing point, where there have been some incidents when the driver and the people oppose the charge, representatives of Dong Nai Department of Transportation said the traffic situation at this has been stabilized. The Ministry of Transport has also plans to avoid the situation of drivers oppose stations such as ticket discounts, free passes to stations for some objects …

Prior to that, Dong Nai Road Safety Board also proposed the Vietnam Road Administration to stop the fee collection at the Vung Tau crossroads until the investors completed the shortcomings in this area.

In 2017, the management of transport, ensuring traffic order and safety continue to be implemented with a number of synchronous solutions, contributing to reducing traffic accidents continue to decrease on all three criteria over the same period 2016. However, the inadequacies of many BOT projects and the number of serious traffic accidents still increase, causing urgent public opinion on the management of the transport sector.

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At the online conference deploying tasks in 2018 held on January 18, the Ministry of Transport said that up to now there are 35 BOT toll stations to reduce fares for vehicles under Resolution 35 / NQ. -CP of the Government.

In the beginning of 2018, the Vietnam Road Administration has also sent public reports to the Road Administration Departments and BOT investors on strengthening traffic safety and improving the quality of road maintenance. For investment projects in the form of BOT has been put into operation.

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