Dong Nai Has Stopped Planning 21,000 Hectares Land Area Around Long Thanh Airport

At the seminar about “Identifying Opportunities and Risks of Real Estate Dong Nai” on September 14, Nguyen Thanh Lam – Deputy Director of Construction Department, Chairman of Dong Nai Real Estate Association, said that Dong Nai stopped planning 21,000 ha around Long Thanh airport to adjust the planning and ask for the Government’s permission to hire foreign consultants.

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According to Lam, outside the core of 5,000 hectares of the airport, Dong Nai also planned 21,000 hectares around Long Thanh airport to make industrial parks, urban areas, etc to support the residents.

“The 21,000ha plan was approved 7-8 years ago, and the socio-economic situation was different, so Dong Nai province has stopped planning 21,000 hectares to adjust the planning and ask the Government to hire water consultants” he shared.

Dong Nai stops planning around Long Thanh airport

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Lam exchanged at the discussion

Regarding the Long Thanh real estate, Lam added that recently there was a virtual fever of Long Thanh real estate due to some price bumps, unplanned land, agricultural land, etc did not have any land use certificate. Therefore, the province stopped planning land separation. For example, if a 1,000sm land area separated into 10 plots, every 100 m2, then, how many times can we separate the piece of land?

Therefore, it is necessary to fix the rule several times. We are proposing amendments to Land Law, Planning Law to match.

Currently, the population of Dong Nai province is only 3 million, but the immigration rate is 40%. Therefore, some companies invest housing for workers and low-incomers.

“The question is can we build a house with 100 million dongs? I say yes. But the more important thing is how large the land area will be? And what are the surrounding facilities?” – said Lam.

On the investment of Dong Nai real estate, Lam divided into three groups: Group 1 is asymptotically invested, associated with existing space. Accordingly, the investors who have done compensation work, not owed the bank has invested a long time ago won with the capital and large investment time investment. Group 2 is the suburbs, suburbs in towns and cities with the investment period of 5-7 years. The infrastructure here connected to the main technical infrastructure is still difficult. Investors must have financial potential. Group 3 must be long-term because it has not been formulated.

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