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Dong Nai Will Have Big Trading Center By The End Of This Year

Viva Square project

LDG Group is speeding up the opening of the biggest trade center in North East of Dong Nai province on the trade route of the province.

Viva Square shopping center is the focus of attention Dong Nai people by the total area of up to 21.158 sqm, including a one-story commercial center and a modern business shop system around, Located in the heart of the urban is considered a 94ha model.

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Right from the start of construction, Viva Square has received the support of small businesses, people and especially local authorities to promote economic development, accelerate the restructuring of the area.

Viva Square project
Business shops in Viva Square are also getting better.

At present, LDG Group is speeding up construction of “Speedy” trade center to be put into operation at the end of this year to serve the people and workers of the industrial zone in the area.

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According to the actual record at Viva Square, the construction progress is very urgent with the completion of many items of utilities, making the project of commercial urban area The Viva City become the big bustling business.

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