Duplex Apartment, New House Type Is Popular Upstream

Duplex apartments have been imported into Vietnam for quite a long time and quickly become the model of the house is popular with the luxury, especially the customer group is successful young entrepreneurs.

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This type of home has the luxury and class, the breadth of modern and liberal, suitable for the fast life of young people.

What are Duplex Apartments?

You may not have heard of the duplex apartment but may have heard of the flat. That is another way of the duplex apartment, based on the characteristics of this type of two-story connection with each other.

New Duplex Duplex Penthouse

Duplex apartment is a two-story apartment

Duplex apartments are usually located on the top floors of apartment projects. Can be seen as a luxury duplex villa located on high, welcoming air and cool scenery view. As mentioned, their characteristics are connecting two stories together, different from the ordinary apartment or penthouse is only one floor.

This distinctive feature is popular with shoppers because they increase the space in the apartment but still bring class and value.

Advantages of duplex apartments

Many young customers prefer apartments but are not satisfied with the size of the area. They need the type of apartment up to 200sqm – 300sqm. With such demand, duplex apartments are the best choice.

New Duplex Duplex Penthouse

Wide area is the advantage of duplex apartments

The advantage of this type of apartment in the area. Thanks to the 2-story connectivity, the area used is also much larger, without space limitations. It should not only increase the usable area but also diversify the interior design advantage.

Landlords can customize their own space. Even more, people can add a bar, karaoke room, gym in the house.

In addition, compared with ordinary apartments, duplex apartments have more depth, so when using a reasonable design will bring more light, airy space. Architects often take advantage of this by using large glass windows for this type of apartment.

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New Duplex Duplex Penthouse

The owner can create comfort with the space of this apartment

Why this phenotype is easy to be popular fashion

Duplex is one of the most popular types of apartments. Even more, people rated them higher than the villas. Of course, to reach the eyes of the upper class, the duplex apartment also has many advantages:

New Duplex Duplex Penthouse

Climbers like Duplex Apartments

+ Luxury class of the upper-class lifestyle. Only rich people can afford luxury duplexes.

+ Beautiful view from above brings home the beautiful scenery of the city.

Space and space are more common than conventional apartments, bringing the breadth of modern life.

According to the demand and the trend of the market, real estate investors are now paying more attention to this type. Consequently, customers can completely search for the right duplex apartment for themselves.

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