e will re-evaluate the location of BOT South Binh Dinh

After the actual inspection at the National Highway 1, the delegation of National Assembly of Binh Dinh province had a meeting to listen to the opinions of the authorities of An Nhon town and the investor of BOT South Binh Dinh.

From January 11, the National Assembly delegation of Binh Dinh Province began to supervise the implementation of policies and legislation on investment and exploitation of BOT projects in Binh Dinh province.

After reviewing and evaluating, the National Assembly delegation of Binh Dinh province will make recommendations and recommendations to functional agencies for adjustment and implementation to suit the practical situation in the locality.

National Assembly delegation started to supervise Binh Dinh BOT.

National Assembly delegation started to supervise Binh Dinh BOT.

Ms. Ly Tiet Hanh, deputy head of the National Assembly delegation of Binh Dinh province, said that the implementation of voters’ proposals, the delegation will supervise the improvement of the quality of works, pavement; Reassess the location of the BOT toll gate that complies with the regulations.

In addition, the delegation will also consider the ticket price through the station to ensure the harmony of the interests of investors as well as the owners of transport.

In the past, the BOT project in Nam Binh Dinh has been a fierce objection of the owners of means of transport is because the works are not quality assurance, the road is often damaged, fare still too high. Local authorities have also asked authorities to continue to consider fare reductions as appropriate.

Mr. Tiet Đinh Quang, Head of the Road Administration Department III.2 (Vietnam Road Administration) said that through the inspection of BOT projects in Binh Dinh, Ministry of Transport has made an urgent request, repairing damaged pavements to ensure absolute traffic safety of people and means.

Representatives of BOT Binh Dinh Investment Company Limited is the owner of BOT Nam Binh Dinh that the surface of the National Highway 1 is badly damaged with an area of ​​13.500sqm due to the impact of storms by the end of 2017.

The investor also said that the road surface of the BOT South Binh Dinh project was damaged and the traffic was safe.

Although the repair of damaged pavement in BOT South Binh Dinh was basically completed, however, the Ministry of Transport still required the owner to review and timely repair and repair damaged sites.

Recently, the Ministry of Transport has also reduced the price of road services using BOT South Binh Dinh. However, instead of reducing the 10,000 dong for all grade 1 vehicles when flowing through BOT South Binh Dinh as previously agreed, the Ministry reduced only VND5,000.

Explaining the discount does not follow the old plan, Vietnam Road Administration said that after updating the price mentioned above, the payback period of the project is expected to be 30 years 11 months (over 8 years 6 months compared with payback period in the project contract), the feasibility of the project is not guaranteed.

As a result, the Vietnam Road Administration has issued two documents in October and November, 2017 and reported to the Ministry of Transport and Communications to approve the general price reduction plan with the following rates: Category 1: VND 30,000, Category 2: VND 45,000, Category 3: VND 70,000, Category 4: VND 115,000, Category 5: VND 175,000.

“With this price, the payback period of the project is 28 years and 5 months, ensuring the feasibility of the project.” This plan was approved by the Ministry of Transport, “the Road Administration said.

The Binh Dinh National Highway 1 BOT investment project was officially put into operation on 9 May 2016 and has the following specific prices:

For vehicles with less than 12 seats, trucks with a tonnage of under 2 tons and buses of public transportation: VND 35,000 / passenger; Vehicles with between 12 and 30 seats, trucks with a tonnage of 2 – 4 tons: VND 50,000 / passenger; Car seats of 31 seats or more, trucks with a tonnage of 4 – under 10 tons: VND 75,000 / passenger;

Trucks with capacity of 10 – under 18 tons and 20 feet container trucks: VND 140,000 / time; trucks with a capacity of 18 tons or more and container trucks with 40 feet: VND 200,000 / time.

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