East Real Estate Benefited Because Of The Smell Of The South

Recently, the real estate market of Saigon South has shown signs of slowing down. Meanwhile, the East area real estate increased heat, attracting a lot of attention from home buyers.

The main reason was that the market in Saigon South increased strongly and especially due to the influence of bad smell, causing buyers to move to the East.

The stinking smell of real estate in the South

Bad smell in the South occurred over time and has become worse in recent days, especially in the afternoon to walk the park, the smell makes people very uncomfortable.

Miserable is that when you eat rice, the smell of the wind to make the meal lose it is delicious. In the evening, I can not sleep, because of the smell of bad smell. Not only in residential areas, but also with the residents of Phu My Hung urban area (District 7, HCMC) also have to live in the atmosphere very uncomfortable.

Recently, Phu My Hung Development Co., Ltd. has appealed to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City. HCMC, proposed measures to address the problem of spreading odor on a large scale, affecting the lives of people. The company also held a dialogue with the residents about the stale odor that appears over time making their lives upside down.

East real estate benefited because of the smell of the South

Due to the bad smell, many real estate companies in the South do not dare to open sales

According to the survey of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment City. The initial results showed that the odor emitted from the Da Phuoc solid waste treatment area was the heaviest.

It is noteworthy that the stench not only affects the lives of people living in the South but also affects the real estate market in this area due to the fear of home buyers.

As noted from the real estate trading floor, there are quite a lot of customers who have previously reserved money to buy apartments in a number of projects, wait until the time of transfer to the deposit has changed the intention not to buy, with The reason for the long-lasting odor is not resolved.

Talking to a reporter, a representative of a real estate business project on Nguyen Huu Tho said that information about the smell in the south of the last time has affected quite a lot of sales of projects. If the smell is not overcome soon, the delivery of the project will be more difficult in the future.

East area to benefit

While the real estate market in the South is in distress because of the smell, real estate in the East is benefited by a large number of customers decide to change direction to buy real estate from the South to East.

East real estate benefited because of the smell of the South

Him Lam Phu Dong project on Pham Van Dong Street in the North East of the city. HCM open sale 400 apartments

Over time, many projects in the Eastern region have good sales results. For example, the Him Lam Phu Dong Project on Pham Van Dong Street in the North East of HCMC. HCM open sale 400 apartments, only in relatively short time, most of the apartments have been ordered by customers.

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Or the project MoonLight Residences on Dang Van Bi, Thu Duc District, HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City is Hung Thinh investor, although not officially opened, according to sources from Hung Thinh, up to now, more than 500 apartments of the project have been officially registered by the customer.

According to Nguyen Nam Hien, General Director of Hung Thinh Land Company, among customers registered to buy apartments in the East area, there are many customers who previously intend to buy houses in the South.

“In terms of planning, the development of infrastructure, the East has inherently more advantages than the South. Now in the South, there is a problem of smell, so it is sure that in the future, the market in the East will be more exciting, “said Hien, and said that the random luck of Hung Thinh is most The projects of the company are currently invested mainly in the East, so the results are quite good.

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