East Saigon Land Price Increases 40% Year-End

Le Van Viet street is the biggest street in Ho Chi Minh City, rising 42%, land price from the average landmark of VND 42 million/ sqm having touched VND 59.47 million/sqm.

The bustling area is no less the Phu Huu turnaround also recorded a spike because of many projects are growing up and the infrastructure is relatively complete. The reason for the increase in price is to follow the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway infrastructure. Go Cat Street increased 34%, from 13 million/sqm jumped to 17.5 million/sqm. Bung Ong Thoan increased 30%, keeping the level of 36.3 million/ sqm.

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Price of land area east

Price of land in East of Ho Chi Minh City is rising hot at the end of 2016

Do Xuan Hop Street also record a 30% increase, which is currently valued at VND52 million/sqm? This is the route that many big investors like Khang Dien, Nam Long and Him Lam are implementing. The projects are implemented as fast as Flora Anh Dao, Pho Dong, Gia Hoa residential area. The Hanoi Highway through Thu Duc District and District 9 land prices increase of 16%  because the route is eating at the speed of Metro Construction.

Also in the East but closer to the center of Saigon, the land of District 2 continued to increase despite rising continuously throughout 2016. In the middle of December, Luong Dinh Cua road recorded an increase of VND  77.7 million/sqm has exceeded the threshold of 85 million/sqm.

Mai Chi Tho road connected with the Sala urban area also recorded from 46.8 million/sqm jumped to 62.5 million/sqm. The routes are going through the Metro line in District 2 has a number of projects growing thick. It has increased in the past few years continue to rise, the momentum increased by a margin of 5-10%.

According to the report of the East HCM City land area of the research firm Gachvang data, the rate of increase in this area is outpacing that of other areas due to the continuous progress of infrastructure in this time. time too. This unit forecasts that in 2017, land prices in this area will continue to be hot spots with stronger new price rises.

In October of the same year, Data First also reported on the exciting development of the housing market in the East of Ho Chi Minh City with the leading of two districts in District 9, Thu Duc. Data First forecasts that the region will likely also be the focus of interest for investors, real estate brokers and real estate businesses by the end of 2016 and 2017.

Townhouse, the land of the most vibrant East HCMC

District 9 and Thu Duc are two locations appearing to sell the most landlord in Ho Chi Minh City in the past three months became the hot spot real estate here.

Data First has just released a report on Ho Chi Minh City’s land market, Q3 / 2016, with information gathered from real estate sales in Ho Chi Minh City. The data source is taken from 9 sites with the largest message market.

Price of land area east

District 9 and Thu Duc are the two leading cities in Ho Chi Minh City for the sale of townhouses and land

In July, August and September, there were 106,000 houses for sale in Ho Chi Minh City, of which District 9 was the top with 11,864, followed by Thu Duc with 10,769. The remaining two places of the top 4 respectively are District 12 (8,194) and Tan Phu (7,226).

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Four districts led the market for sale accounted for 36% of the entire market of townhouses – land in HCMC, in which the East is the area with the sales of outstanding. The most popular price on the market is VND 1.5 to VND 4 billion with 40,199 announcements. Cheap segment from VND 700 million to VND 1.5 billion per unit recorded 22,993 messages, slightly above the VND 4-10 billion segment appeared 22,876 announced.

This unit adds that the number of people participating in the sale of townhouses and land plots in Ho Chi Minh City in the third quarter of 2016 unexpectedly dropped by 50% compared to the second quarter, only 16,117 information subscribers. However, according to Data First, the situation will change in the fourth quarter, as this is the season’s most lucrative housing deals of the year. In the next 6-12 months, the market of townhouses and land continues to be an asset investment channel of great interest.

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