Ecological Villa In Hanoi – From 2017

In line with the general trend of real estate in the world, the trend of adjacent villas in 2017 signs down to clearly give way to the “brother” eco villas in this period. It should be exciting and have many new breakthroughs. 

Whether or not adjacent mansion Hanoi “disgrace”

The adjoining villa is a new real estate item which was introduced into our country from 2010 to 2011 and has grown for a long time because of the “huge” profit that it brings. However, from the beginning of 2017 up to now the real estate market adjacent villas are somewhat quiet and began to show signs of decline in both quantity and turnover.

Specifically, according to statistics of some real estate companies in Hanoi, until the third quarter of 2017, the number of adjoining villas for sale in Hanoi is only over 500 units, down more than 50% compared with the second quarter and estimated to be only a quarter of the same period last year.

Ecological villa in Hanoi -from 2017

Adjacent villa in Hanoi disgust

The number of transactions, visit and purchase of adjacent villas in Hanoi fell sharply, investors are no longer salty but with the investment item although the project owners offer a lot of preferential policies, aftermarket interesting.

The price of adjacent villa projects in Hanoi has no signs of price increases even many projects have lower prices from several tens of millions to hundreds of millions but still no buyers.

According to the leading experts in real estate, the adjacent villa market this year is more gloomy than other real estate segments such as ecological villas, serviced apartments, Resort property or Homestay …

According to some sources are trusted, now in Hanoi there are dozens of adjacent villa projects are suspended construction or construction but no people. The neighboring villa projects in Hanoi have attracted tourists now become abandoned, grass grows luxuriant.

The breakthrough of ecological villa segment in Hanoi

According to assessments of real estate professionals, the segment of low-rise buildings is planned overall and synchronous will be the trend and the new focus of the real estate market of high-end Hanoi 2017. Accordingly, “the taste “Of the real estate giants also increased in part when their real estate requirements were raised.

Ecological villa in Hanoi -from 2017

Hanoi real estate specialist love street side eco

If an investor could afford to buy a beautiful, luxurious, but slightly far from the center or close to the center, the current requirement is to integrate both elements Center is big.

As the psychology of customers, many investors in Hanoi have quickly updated the trend of new eco villas in Hanoi and gradually changed the thinking of many investors that the eco villas in the center are not necessarily in the fringes.

Vingroup is not only the largest and most reputable real estate investment group in Vietnam. Vingroup is also a smart “reader” and literate “taste” of real estate investors in the new era. With the strategic orientation and open vision of the center of ecological villa center of Hanoi Vingroup debut in Vinhomes Thang Long or The Harmory has made a great resonance.

Not only did Vingroup make a huge profit when a series of unfinished eco-villas were sold out, but also a strong “boom” that proved to be a great breakthrough for eco-tourism real estate segment in Hanoi.

Ecological villa in Hanoi -from 2017

Design a beautiful eco-villa in Hanoi

Vingroup’s opening project promises to be the first gun to hit the adjacent villa market in Hanoi in particular and our country is booming and developing in the future.

It can be said that change is always essential in life. When the trend of real estate adjoining villas is showing signs of decline, ecological villas have been crowned. Changing the trend of real estate by the flow of the market and the demand of consumers is always essential to business success. Believe that, with this breakthrough, the ecological villa category in Hanoi will gain more success and success.

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