Empire City Project: The 88-story tower will allow the public to explore the forces of nature.

German architect, 47-year-old Ole Scheeren – who designed skyscrapers in the city. The Empire 88 Tower, revealed that “as the public approaches the incredible height of the building, they will truly discover the organic forces of nature.”

Empire 88 Tower Project

Empire Tower 88 Tower is located in the Empire City project in the Thu Thiem urban area, District 2, HCMC.

Late last year, architect Ole Scheeren announced the design of this 333m high skyscraper and said the project would simulate the terrain and natural landscape of Vietnam.

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Ole Scheeren expects the Empire City will contribute to the highlight of the “rapidly growing area east of the Saigon River.”

Emprie City will be made up of three towers. The surrounding towers will include terraced gardens, designed to reminisce the country’s most rice fields in the northern mountainous region. Meanwhile, the tallest tower will carry the shape of a mountain, including high-rise gardens, where the public can touch the sky.

Empire Tower 88

Empire City consists of three towers, including the 88-storey tower with a height of 333m

“I feel we should think about the future of architecture and the city itself and think of ways that nature can coexist with humans,” Scheeren said of his idea.

“But we want to create a way for nature not only to survive on the ground, but also to rise in the sky.” So we created a platform that simulates a giant terraced landscape, the tower is down and the landscape is then pulled up into the sky, “he said.

Architect Olen Scheenre simulates Vietnamese terraces in design

“This allows the public access to the incredible height of the building and allows them to truly explore the organic forces of nature.”

The main tower, called 88 Tower, has space for events on high, will be the place where the dream of “touching the sky” of the public.

Upon completion, Empire City lost only the Landmark 81 of the Vingroup Group in elevation. Empire City is 333m high, while Landmark 81 reports over 461m, comprising 81 floors, located in the heart of Vinhomes Central Park on the banks of the Saigon River. The Landmark Tower is one of the ten tallest buildings in the world.

Empire 88’s main floor, called Empire 88 Tower, will consist of apartments and hotels, as well as a public observation deck. The sky space event is called Cloud Space.

Empire 88 Tower will have a commercial center with retail outlets, while two smaller towers will include offices and apartments.

Scheeren considers this project a symbol of the future of the city.

Empire 88 Tower Project

The “forest” on high will help people and nature harmony

Architect Ole Scheeren established the Buro Ole Scheeren bureau in 2010, after being officially the director of the OMA. He has worked in Asia for more than a decade, developing buildings in Beijing, Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

In an interview with the architectural magazine Dezeen, Sheeren says he likes to work in Asia because there is “a fear and a vision for the future.”

Scheeren also shared that he felt a “strange energy” in Ho Chi Minh City – and he hoped it would change in the next few years.

Empire 88 Tower Project

Scheeren said he felt a “strange energy” in Ho Chi Minh City

“Ho Chi Minh City really reminded me of Bangkok many years ago,” says Olen Scheeren, “if you look at the ongoing construction process, it’s one of the moments that people think it can not imagine.”

“However, I have lived in China long enough to know everything that we could never have thought of,” Ole Scheeren said humorously.

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