Enjoy Life At The Lincoln Lancaster Project

It would be great if your apartment is located in a central location, overlooking the river, the city, the house is smartly designed with a variety of utilities accompanying, serving the perfect life. In here you will enjoy the high life, served as the guests, where you keep happy and happy memories in life.

Lancaster Lincoln, the luxury apartment complex located in District 4, promises to be the place to meet all your needs. Let’s find out about this great project!

Lancaster Lincoln – central apartment, traveling with you is always a “little thing”

Lancaster Lincoln is located at 428-430 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, the heart of District 4. Ho Chi Minh City. This is the success of the successful Lancaster apartment chain with great success.

Comes with a non-stop reel, your life is always moving.

You always have to move between different locations, different centers. However, if you choose an apartment in Lancaster Lincoln, traveling with you is always a “little thing”.

– From the apartment area, you can easily get to the heart of District 1 of the bustling top city. This place is only 10 minutes away from district 1, across a river.

– To the Phu My Hung area, you just take less than 15 minutes to move

– Nguyen Chi Thanh section is also the busy road of the district, the section with the cut roads such as Hoang Dieu, Ly Quoc Hung

– Lancaster Lincoln location is also very close to the important ports of the city such as Saigon Port, Khanh Hoi port, Ba Son. Tan Cang is now building Vinhomes Central Park with more than 10,000 luxury apartments.

Owning a home here, you are holding a miniature city map.

Unique view, source of inspiration:

Lancaster Lincoln was built right next to the beautiful and romantic Sai Gon River. It will be relaxing if you let your soul flow in the flow of water to forget tired life.

– From the apartment, one direction you see the Saigon River, overlooking the new urban area of Thu Thiem 2 crowded, overlooking the center of District 1.

“Real” life is the best:

Wishing the residents here to enjoy a comfortable life, not narrow in the block architecture, the design of the apartment is very scientific, intelligent.

Surrounded by the peaceful river, people always feel the relaxation.

The density of construction is low, have many green trees, the whole area consists of only 510 houses.

All apartments are designed with maximum use of natural light, air and natural light, but the air is still very pleasant.

Lancaster Lincoln, comfortable for you to choose

Apartment design with many types of houses serve each owner’s own needs.

Construction project with a total of 2 large basements, 1 office tower and two 38-floors apartment towers

There are many types of apartments are built as: 1 bedroom (50sqm to 66sqm), 2 bedrooms (69sqm -92sqm), 3 bedrooms (94sqm-127sqm), 4 bedroom apartment (143sqm-150sqm).

Depending on the apartment, the direction of view will have its own style but still ensure the beautiful view.

Lancaster Lincoln Project

The luxurious interior of Lancaster Lincoln Project in District 4 and Green architecture creates a sense of well-being

Luxurious interior promises top class living:

Living room and bedroom of the apartment are paved with wooden floor creating modern, comfortable and ensure the brightness and cleanliness of the house.

Smart house is equipped by Schneider luxury, meeting the many needs of modernizing life.

All kitchen floors, kitchen cabinets, to the necessary items such as vacuum cleaners are used modern equipment from luxury Akai, Bosch…

– Toilet with floor and wall tiles made of ceramic tiles create a clear view, all are fully equipped equipment imported from famous equipment company from Spain.

– The floors are completely imported from Malaysia. This is the kind of Laminate flooring.

Like home stay:

Lancaster Lincoln meets the needs of human life with a wide range of comfortable design.

Trees planted on a large scale along the walking paths, the exercise road is where you relax step by step morning dawn.

The swimming pool spills the shore like real resorts, scales up to 400sqm.

There are extensive lawns to organize outdoor parties, BBQ barbecues at other luxury restaurants.

The luxury spa, where beauty care flawlessly for you by the professionalism of the staff

In the inner zone there are many training grounds, sports playgrounds … to meet the needs of movement, recreation and relaxation of residents in the apartment.

Reading rooms, play areas designed specifically for children ensure the most complete living environment for children.

Lancaster Lincoln, where excellent views are located at prime location. There are smartly designed homes with luxurious interiors. The place has a variety of choice and abundance of facilities. This will be a difficult choice to ignore, is hardly anyone’s appeal. Choose your own apartment in Lancaster Lincoln for a more flawless life.

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