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Enjoy living in Vista Verde apartment district 2

Modern design swimming pool in the interior of the project

Apartment 2 Vista Verde is a product combining the garden, the lake to bring fresh green living space in the heart of district 2 in the heart of the vibrant city of Saigon.

Vista Verde is an apartment project in District 2 of CapitaLand Group and Thien Duc Company Limited as the investor. The property is located in the administrative center of Thanh My Loi Ward – District 2 – Ho Chi Minh City. This location is also close to the commercial center; amusement parks; cinema; supermarket; hospital; schools … meet all needs for residents.

The commercial center just under the podium of Vista Verde
The commercial center just under the podium of Vista Verde

Your family will be more comfortable and convenient than ever before, as the center of the project is a convenient shopping and entertainment center providing an ideal weekend getaway for you and your family after hard working days.

Besides, spreading on the fifth floor of each tower is also the owner of the green living area to help bring fresh feeling, relaxation, life as living in the living space of nature. .

Unique point in the design of the apartment Vista Verde

The unique design of Vista Verde apartment district 2 is the living space between the rooms are arranged harmoniously, reasonable. The office space is well-appointed, giving you a comfortable living space, helping you work the most efficiently. Next to it is the kitchen area, wardrobe are arranged with private space and science.

Model living room Vista Verde Dong Van Cong
Modern living room Vista Verde

Not only the modern design but the apartment floor also gives your home a much more spacious living space than the rest of the apartment. Help children to enjoy the space to enjoy. For loft type apartments, there is a flexible design, with more living space, making the residents feel most comfortable even when they come to the house, crowded party.

Each Vista Verde 2 apartment is additionally designed with a spacious, airy garden corner where you can cook with your friends outside at the party. Or the residents of the project can also choose outdoor BBQ grill to be a picnic area that is shielded by a honeycomb that can be pulled out easily when it rains.

Thanks to the gren living space surrounding the luxury apartment project District 2 has brought a feeling for you as living in the wilderness. With an outdoor playground, parents can watch their children play, play with them without having to worry about sunbathing because there are lots of cool shade trees.

In addition to having a green living space in the heart of crowded, bustling and crowded city, Vista Verde 2 Apartment is equipped with gym, gym, and improve health. The common living room will provide general views, panoramic views for residents.

Modern design swimming pool in the interior of the project
Modern design swimming pool in the interior of the project

The swimming pool of the project is designed according to international standards as an oasis-shaped resort, which is an ideal area for residents to relax at the weekend.

The location is favorable, convenient to move to nearby areas; green living space; Along with that is the modern and advanced chain of utilities. What other reason you do not quickly contact our hotline to receive the consultation dedicated, own a high-grade apartment Vista Verde. You can also find out more information about the New City apartment project with the investor Thuan Viet – the product is worth the money to settle down, invest in District 2 now.

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