Enjoy The Green Park At Jamona Heights

Blotting the concept of concrete and the greenhouse effect, Sacomreal has created a desirable green living habitat in the 18,000 square meter compound of the river at Jamona Heights.

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Mix with green park

Located in the compound of the river, Jamona Heights enjoys a large green space with panoramic views, facing the Saigon River and Phu My Bridge. Four inner parks, along the river to 18.000sqm with green foliage as a harmony between the natural water weaving so peaceful life, full of residents.

The Ngoc Lan perfume, brilliant flowers, and 38 utilities are built on 72% of the complex of 7.6 hectares. A tropical garden with blue sky, separated from the noisy, dusty of urban life.

Jamona Heights project

The large green park creates a fresh, active living environment for residents

In addition, the park along the river, stretching nearly 500m2 creates an ideal space for residents to take a stroll, exercise or with friends gathering at the barbecue party next to the cool river. All make a living space perfect sense.

Experience the cloud pool

Located on the second floor, connecting the two 17-story tower of Jamona Heights high-rise apartments, the 400-square-meter lagoon skyline as a floating dock in the air with flower gardens and adjacent coffee plantations.

In the green swimming pool, residents have the opportunity to admire the entire landscape of the Jamona Golden Silk compound and the panoramic view of the Saigon River. The riverbank is an idea developed at many high-end resorts in the coastal cities that have been applied at Jamona Heights.

This place is intentionally designed, creating a space for relaxation, relaxation and perfect health. Along with that, the project also has the Onsen Onsen – Japanese Healthy Living method that relieves pressure regenerates and restores energy quickly.

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100% of apartments have lots of space

Delicate in perspective, creative in design is the message throughout all the projects developed by Sacomreal. Each project, Sacomreal is directed to a community of living, living healthy, sublimated. With Jamona Heights, 100% of apartments have lots of space for sunlight, natural wind to enter the house.

Jamona Heights project

Luxury and classy interior design of Jamona Heights

With a small section of the apartment, the plot has a natural contact surface and is suitable for modern high-rise buildings. Here the owner can create a small garden, coffee table, a small chair to see the city or read books …

Located at the hub of the connection, adjacent to the Red Mose Park but Jamona Heights is only 1.49 billion. There are 38 amenities available for active living and over 70 facilities in Phu My Hung. Living, working and entertaining are all very convenient.

In particular, Jamona Heights has a flexible payment method, only 1.46% / month, equivalent to VND21 million / month that customers can own apartments in the heart of District 7.

Buy Jamona Heights, the opportunity to draw up to 2 billion with: cars, furniture, motorcycles SH 125cc, Bali tour for 02 people, iPhone 7plus.

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