Enjoy the life with Grand Manhattan apartment District 1

The Grand Manhattan Apartment Project converges all the advantages of a luxury apartment project with a range of high-end amenities that ensure you and your family will enjoy a lifetime of enjoyment and appreciation.

Utilities, top outsourcing leading the project

The Grand Manhattan project, thanks to the advantage of its convenient location, enables the project’s future residents to quickly access all of the existing service facilities in the area such as: commercial center; General Clinic; school system at all levels … All this modern and luxurious facilities residents only need to move about 5 – 10 minutes with the regional roads to access. With favorable location, the residents inherit all the existing facilities of the stable socio-economic infrastructure in the area.

The Grand Manhattan's premier range of amenitiesUtilities, top outsourcing leading the project

And besides, residents of the project also owns the best modern facilities in the interior of the apartment such as: internet connection – wifi installed throughout the building for you to access internet everywhere, fast and comfortable; Cable TV systems installed in the apartments allow you to enjoy watching movies; sports and other attractive programs. Along with that, the elevator system is installed modern with high speed to meet the fast traffic demand of residents.

Even inside the project area, investors have arranged utilities such as: Swimming pool 4 seasons; Commercial center; Supermarket, restaurant, cafe …; Gym, Yoga, Spa; Children’s play area; Community living room; 24/7 service; Security assurance; …

Plan, the perfect planning design of The Grand Manhattan

Apartment in Novaland Co Giang District 1 with the trade name The Grand Manhattan has been planned by the owner on the land area of ​​1.4 ha with two blocks of 38 floors with the common commercial block 5 floor with 4 basements.

Plan, the perfect planning design of The Grand ManhattanPlan, the perfect planning design of The Grand Manhattan

Apartment design The Grand Manhattan District 1 prominent style with luxury, reasonable and scientific and good infrastructure system; second most comfortable in the area. Thanks to this clever, modern design, the apartment in Novaland Co Giang District 1 has been optimized for use; Functional rooms ensure the ventilation, comfort, overcome the disadvantages of the traditional apartment before.

Particularly, residents will be completely assured when staying here with the security system in the project is secured 24/24 by professional security staff with high professional.

Thanks to the extensive parking space, to help meet the living needs of quality residents. Living space of the project is the harmony of the sun, the wind in the context of peace and style Singapore architecture harmonious and delicate. All apartments have cool, comfortable for all members of the family. The balcony area of ​​Co Giang’s Novaland apartment and living room has been designed with Low-E glass to make the apartment look good; heat and sound insulation and the best light filter for every apartment.

Strategic Location of The Grand Manhatan Project Co Giang District 1

Strategic Location of The Grand Manhatan Project Co Giang District 1

When handed over to the guests, The Grand Manhattan will be fully delivered with high standard materials, the desire to give homeowners a new experience of a luxury lifestyle, comfort. Block apartments are arranged reasonably with wide corridors; airy, natural lighting ability. Coming to The Grand Manhattan you will have the best modern living space in the area where rare projects are available today.

Payment method of the apartment project The Grand Manhattan quickly, convenient to help customers own the apartment that they wish, optimize the financial cost thanks to the support from the bank. With The elements of the project are the Grand Manhattan apartment is the ideal security for the lives of all residents.

Customers can find out more information about Alpha City Project District 1 to own for yourself and your family, where to stay and invest.

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