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Enjoying happy time at An Bang beach

An emerald green eye in An Bang

Hoi An is home to many famous tourist attractions. It is not only famous for its ancient architectural style but it also attracts visitors by the green beaches. Visitors to this place will have the most relaxing moments.

Heaven of silence

For the past few years, when you come to Hoi An, you will surely know and look for Cua Dai beach – a beach located far away from the center of Hoi An with long, People at every afternoon and always smelling the smell of grilled fish, steamed ink smell or the food on the street.

An Bang Beach
An Bang beach – the paradise of resort tourism

In recent years, visitors have a new choice that is An Bang beach resort destination. Unlike the busy, crowded beaches of Cua Dai, the tranquility, tranquility of An Bang will make you love it from the first time. An Bang is one of the most beautiful beaches and gives you the most peaceful feeling.

An Bang beach is slightly closer to Cua Dai beach, you can take a taxi for about 10 minutes. Despite this, An Bang is still much lighter than Cua Dai. If Cua Dai beach always gives us a feeling of excitement and excitement, An Bang is completely different.

Coming to this place, from a distance you have seen a blue jade attracting eye. But you have to walk a long way, through the outlets you have set foot down the smooth white sand and step down the beach, dropping under the cool water will make your soul feel light cool, most relaxed.

The beach is wide, the sky is blue and the water is blue, like the full-blown pen. The white sandy beach stretches endlessly like an ivory silk strip. But the best thing is that the beach is always quiet, hope that the waves are not noisy like Cua Dai.

An emerald green eye in An Bang
An emerald green eye in An Bang

What is the beach on?

In fact, this place is not so wild as people think, but it gives visitors a sense of peace, not relaxed, noisy, crowded, as narrow as other beaches. This place is suitable for a vacation trip on holiday.

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In addition, in An Bang there are seafood restaurants, fresh water shop. Along the way, you will find some nice bars open by foreigners. Signs to see them are usually colorful bean bags, small huts with brightly colored pillows placed on vast sandbanks. Then when you get lost in this colorful world, you will not stop admiring the beauty and excitement that they create for the new surroundings around you.

As you know, who among us can hardly handle before a single bed with purple mattress, placed under the umbrella on a smooth white cut? Just think about lying on the bed, the pretty chair, reading a book, playing some lively music and sipping a cup of cool coconut milk enough to make any of them. We all feel comfortable and need a quiet space.

Enjoyed in the mild sunshine in An Bang
Enjoyed in the mild sunshine in An Bang

But to say that, but really feel to An Bang with his friends or relatives is really the best. On the deserted beach, you can enjoy the play without any eye contact look, there are only a few Western tourists find fun by your jokes only. The waves in An Bang are so big and powerful that you can enjoy the fun of dancing, playing football, …

Especially, at An Bang beach there are many bars for renting or renting surf boards. As you know, after hours of swimming to exhausted with my relatives or friends, we can still step ashore, lying on those lovely benches, waiting until the sea breeze makes people You are dry, surrounded by soft music from a cafeteria with live music nearby. And then you will feel the bliss in each of your cells.

Everyone will have their own hobby, so it is not possible to compare these beaches together. Every beach has a difference that our hearts have to love, to remember. Come to yourself to experience these new things.

I believe that, coming to An Bang, you will feel like getting lost in a paradise that alone with a few other tourists enjoy the quiet, sweet sea, That is one of the best feelings that any of us should enjoy at least once.

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Enjoying happy time at An Bang beach

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