European standard utilities of Charmington Iris project

Modern and European-standard facilities of the Charmington Iris project are unobtrusive and majestic as many other projects, but enough to conquer fastidious clients.

Just over 30 specially designed utilities for Charmington Iris building in District 4 serve the needs of daily living comfortably and enjoy the high quality material as discovering the ‘golden’ value of projects of Sacomreal investor. Investing in modern facilities within the Charmington Iris project is an investment that attracts more customers than the location of the project.

Modern interior amenities or available around Charmington Iris in District 4

Modern interior amenities: it is really smart financial investment for its convenience to buy Charmington Iris apartment. Modern design facilities in this project include thousands of square meters of swimming pool, plant green carpet or security camera system, door system using magnetic cards … ensuring the lives of the residents while living. Here is a perfect place to relax at home, no need to travel far from gym, swimming pool or shopping, etc…

Around available facilities: this is the broad strategic vision of the investor -Sacomreal -when choosing District 4 which has a small area, administrative – political stability, economically sustainable development and medium population density. However, the infrastructure is well invested with modern facilities from domestic and foreign investment such as supermarkets, schools, bus stations, hospitals, clinics and committees. Those are in the immediate vicinity of the Charmington Iris project- convenient to move to these locations quickly.

The price of the Charmington Iris apartment is attractive to investors and clients everywhere.

With a price of 40 million / m2, the Charmington Iris apartment area is 50-130 square meters in perfect condition. Firstly, in terms of the location of the project, Sacomreal is located in front of Ton That Thuyet Street in District 4, which is considered as one of the main roads leading to other districts, convenient for traffic by all vehicles such as a bike, a bus, or a bus. Secondly, modern utilities exist within the Charmington Iris neighborhood or suburban area that meets basic human needs such as food shopping, exercise or recreation. Thirdly, the investor of Sacomreal is the investor, the apartment business after the completion of the project and is legally responsible for signing the contract of sale of apartments so you fully own the project there with the right to monitor the progress of construction.

When choosing to buy the ground at the same price, clients only get a piece of rudimentary residential land whether it is allowed to build with legal papers and in the alley location, far from the market and school. It is inconvenient for you to buy the land project that most clients complained to us when visiting the model project  in

this summer. In addition, when you choose to purchase Charmington Iris apartment you will also be supported loans from local banks with extremely favorable interest rates from the government to help homeowners make ideal residences.

The European standard utility of the Charmington Iris housing project helps clients find the Sacomreal Group’s serious investment of apartment project in District 4. It is not only the modern facility but also a rich ‘gold’ location – an economic potential-is definitely the right choice for you when making a profit or getting comfortable.

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