Evaluating The Location Of The King Bay Project Under The Eyes Of The Expert

One of the most important things that create value for any real estate project is its location. The more favorable the location, the more expensive the real estate project.

So, under the eyes of real estate experts, how do they assess the location of the King Bay – Nhon Trach project?

In recent years, the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City witnessed the explosion of many projects and nearly all the beautiful locations of Ho Chi Minh City have been owned. In March, the King Bay project officially launched, causing the real estate market to heat up. The special attraction of this project is its location. There are many fine words of real estate experts perennial reviews after learning about the location of King Bay – Nhon Trach.

What is the location of the King Bay project?

The project has a total area of 125 hectares located at Ly Tu Trong Street, Long Tan commune, Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai province. The inventor of the project is Free Land. Location of the project:

  • North: adjacent to Dong Nai River.
  • South and East: adjacent to the residential area.
  • West: Bordered by Ring road 3 connecting District 9 – Nhon Trach.
King Bay Project

Location of King Bay project

The advantages that the location bring to King Bay project

Advantage: Easy to navigate and inter-regional connectivity

Our father used to say: “The most common myopia, access binary Giang, the temporary passage” and King Bay seems to be converging full of these factors. King Bay owns a position right next to the front of Ring Road 3, 120m wide and 2km of Dong Nai river frontage. There will be lots of options for residents to choose from:

By road: From Kinh Bay to Vung Tau just go to Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway. If you want to move to District 9, Ho Chi Minh City, residents have another option that is the Ring Road 3 wide.

Waterway: Because the project is located near the river, residents can travel by yachting as well as leisurely excursions as a trip.

If traveling to other provinces such as Da Lat, Nha Trang, the southwestern provinces … residents only take 10 minutes to go through the Ben Luc – Long Thanh Expressway. Besides:

  • It only takes you 5 minutes to go from the King Bay project to the 18-hole golf course.
  • It takes you only 20 minutes to go from King Bay to Bien Hoa City.
  • It takes you only 10 minutes to go from King Bay to Long Thanh Airport.
  • It takes you only 30 minutes to go from King Bay project to Vung Tau tourist resort.
  • It takes you only 30 minutes to go from King Bay to District 9.
  • It takes you only 10 minutes to go from King Bay to Ho Chi Minh – Long Thanh – Dau Giay expressway.

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Besides, the location of King Bay project is adjacent to the bridge linking District 9 – Nhon Trach has just started and expected to complete in a very near future. When this bridge is put into use, there will be a new move, reducing the travel time from Nhon Trach to Ho Chi Minh City only about 20 minutes by motorcycle.

In June 2017, TP also had a policy of constructing the Beltway 3 section of Thu Duc – Nhon Trach. This is a good sign for King Bay project when section 1A of this project has cut off with Nhon Trach provincial road 25B, ending point of 1A with HCMC – Long Thanh – Dau Giay. Nhon Trach will be connected directly with Ho Chi Minh City.

Currently, many roads in Nhon Trach district are under construction and expanded such as 25B Road, 769 Street – now Ly Thai To Street, 25C Road – connecting Nhon Trach and Long Thanh International Airport. , making the move even faster and easier.

Ho Chi Minh City is also building waterways to help move more easily from King Bay to Ho Chi Minh City. When these waterways are put into use, residents can go to the city center by water without worrying about traffic jams.

Second advantage: The land is rich and fortune

Kinh Bay possesses good feng shui location, which brings the fortune and luck to the owner. The two sides of the East and North of the project were embraced by the Dong Nai River as the dragon was full of tension. About feng shui, this is the expression of the land rich and crowded. Oriental feng shui that the house near the river will have the rich fortune.

Being close to the river means that every day you will be breathing fresh air that creates freshness and energy. This energy will turn into money to help bring wealth.

King Bay project

Perspective of the King Bay project

Third advantage: Gold position with good price

Nhon Trach is a land with great potential for real estate development. It is only two kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City via the Dong Nai River, near the international airport.

When the government decided to build a series of works such as Cat Lai Bridge, belt road 3 connecting Thu Duc with Nhon Trach to connect Nhon Trach directly with Ho Chi Minh City. Land in Nhon Trach has risen sharply. At present, Nhon Trach land price is high.

King Bay is located right in the heart of Nhon Trach district with many advantages, but the project’s selling price is considered to be quite “breathable” about VND9.5 million / m2. In addition, the customer buys the project is committed by the investor to grant permanent pink book and payment period by installments.

King Bay enjoys the synchronous infrastructure and high-end amenities in the high-class, fresh and peaceful environment. When the bridge connecting District 9 with Nhon Trach is completed, this is a piece of land worth the investment.

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