Evaluation on preferential price policies by Nha Trang Panorama project investor

With any real estate project, besides the great strengths in services, location …, the selling policy of Nha Trang Panorama apartments will also be one of the other factors deciding the heat of the project.

So when investing in Nha Trang Panorama, customers will receive preferential price policies, as well as policies from the project investor. Are the price policies really attractive? For the best answer to the above question, please refer to the content shared below.

  1. The investor of the project is a prestigious unit.

Having been successful in many small and large apartment projects in and out of the area, there has been exposure as well as appraisal and follows the current trend of apartment building. Therefore, Nha Trang Bay Investment and construction Joint Stock Company, the contractor of Panorama Nha Trang Project, has created an extremely beautiful, luxurious and modern apartment hotel project. The project has overcome many weaknesses that other apartment projects have not overcome, developed the construction of many decisive items that many other projects have not. This is considered the great success had been gotten for Nha Trang Panorama.

The prestige of owner of the project.

With many years of prestige in the real estate market, investors who invest in Nha Trang Panorama can assure of their decision. And be assured, with the broad vision of the owner, the project will be certainly get tremendous growth potential in the future.

  1. Selling price of the apartment is attractive from the investor of Nha Trang Panorama project.

With a convenient location with modern facilities like Panorama Nha Trang, the selling price of the investor is extremely attractive, because there is no project sold with low prices like this. You can own 1 square meter of apartments, and there are 1 or 2 bedroom apartments ranging in size from 33 to 70 square meters with only VND 50-60 million. Thus, clients can freely choose an apartment to get profits as well as to have a rest and relaxation in the future. Even mid-range apartments in the city which can’t compare with the project in term of location or utilities also reache that price.

  1. The price supporting policy from the Nha Trang Bay investor is extremely high.

In addition to the price of the apartment is considered very attractive, Nha Trang Panorama project also offers many attractive price support policy for investors to buy apartments at the moment.  When ordering Nha Trang Panorama apartment at the moment, customers only need to deposit VND 50 million and do not bear any interest until the official apartment is handed over.

The investor of the apartment has worked with Techcombank to help customers buy apartments with supporting amount up to 75% of the value of the apartment will be an attractive figure for many investors. Not too hard to buy an apartment, not looking way to repay high monthly interest rates. Under the great support from the owner and the bank, the customer has an additional extension period up to 24 months and when you pay 95% of the apartment at the time of purchase, you will have a chance to receive the discounts as well as incentive programs, gifts up to 1.8 billion of investors. So with such big price incentives, there is no reason why you miss this attractive investment opportunity.

Please contact the management board of Nha Trang Panorama apartment project to get the opportunity to receive the largest incentive price. A stable investment opportunity hard to ignore.

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