Evergreen And The Development Of The South Of Saigon Real Estate

Evergreen project is located in the South of Sai Gon. Let see how Evergreen project will be with the development rate of the South of Sai Gon real estate.

The South of Sai Gon real estate market always attracts many investors. In addition, a lot of customers looking for a place to live also like the South of the city more than others, because this place always owns great advantages those other areas do not have. Let predict how will PMR Evergreen project have position and influence like, with the development rate of the South market?

This article is based on aggregate information of the personal views. Therefore, we hope that the knowledge in the article will give you more evaluations, but you should only read them for reference, and if you want more specific advice, it is the best to contact us directly.

The South of Sai Gon real estate market at the moment

Form is temporary, but class is permanent” is very true when applying it to the South of Sai Gon real estate market. Although the other areas are also developed it is clear that the position of the South is best.

At present, in the direction of the urban development of the Government, a series of infrastructure with great scale is being built and completed in the South. These items have contributed to helping the real estate market to fly higher and further.

Evergreen project

Contextual overview of Evergreen PMR project in District 7

Some highlight projects that have been, are and will be implemented in the area in the near future is mentioned below. Specifically such as:

–           The city is implementing Huynh Tan Phat road expansion project from the current area up to 30m, linking Nguyen Van Linh road to the center of Sai Gon

–           Thu Thiem Bridge 4 project links Nguyen Van Linh street with Thu Thiem new urban area ( links the South and the East) with the investment capital up to about 229 million dollars. The bridge is expected to be 2km in length and will be officially completed in 2019.

–           The overpass, tunnel at Nguyen Van Linh – Nguyen Huu Tho crossroads is invested from 114 million dollars.

–           Metro No 4 project connects District 7, Nha Be with the central districts of an investment capital more than 4 million dollars.

–           Nguyen Khoai Bridge connects District 7 and District 4 to the center of the city

–           Phuoc Khanh Bridge connects Nhon Trach with the South of Ho Chi Minh City

–           The project of Phu Thuan Street connects Phu My Hung and Mui Den

All these infrastructures will soon be operational in the next few years. At that time, the face of the South of Sai Gon will certainly stand out more. The real estate projects have grown constantly because all of the investors see the value potential of the area. Therefore, the velocity development of real estate in this area is also very exciting.

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PMR EverGreen project before the velocity development of the South of Sai Gon real estate

Before the velocity development of the South of Sai Gon real estate PMR EverGreen project, developed by Tai Nguyen in this area, will obviously have advantages and also have specific challenges.

Evergreen project

Exclusive signup facility is available only at the Evergreen Tai Nguyen Villa project in District 7

In terms of advantages, PMR EverGreen is located in the center of District 7, opposite to Phu My Hung urban area so it is appreciated on location factor. The project is convenient for transportation. In addition, it has a favorable location because it is bordered on 3 sides by the river, beautiful natural scenery, and fresh air. The residents of PMR EverGreen will also enjoy the full facilities in the luxury area because PMR EverGreen is located in the most developed area of the South.

In terms of challenges, PMR EverGreen project must compete with many competitors in the same segment as Chateau, Sai Gon Peninsula, Luxgarden Project… Due to the unique style, this project does not face too many major obstacles. Currently, it can be said that PMR EverGreen is the project that received the most attention in District 7. If you have time to learn more about the location, the architecture and the utility of the products at EverGreen, you will know more clearly about what we have just shared.

In general, PMR EverGreen project is a development project that is commensurate with the advancement velocity of the South of Sai Gon real estate market. You may contact us for advice.

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