Evergreen is suitable for any customer?

Evergreen is a luxury villa project is becoming “bright spot” in the real estate market in Saigon South.

Owning many advantages, Evergreen project attracted the attention of many investors. If you are curious what kind of customer Evergreen is aiming for, let’s take a closer look at the Evergreen villa project.

Location and price sale of Evergreen

Evergreen is located on Nguyen Luong Bang stretching near the intersection with Hoang Quoc Viet Street, with an area of ​​7.4ha with modern infrastructure and surrounding water surrounding. The Evergreen project is located in a compound that is surrounded by three rivers. To the north, it borders with D4 road, 30m to the South, Ong Do canal to the East, and Phu Xuan river to the West. Surrounding the rows is the Rach Dia River. This is also where the 5-star marina, the highlight of the Evergreen project.

Location of the Evergreen project

Location of the Evergreen project

Evergreen villa price in district 7 from VND80 – 90 million / sqm. The Evergreen project is planned for 42 Garden Villas, each with 680 – 1200 square meters and 68 City Villas, each with 180 – 250 square meters. There are also Sky villa units with an area of ​​250sqmeach. Each Evergreen Villa has its own marina, so the price of the Evergreen project is commensurate with its value because of its location and quality.

Unique design of Evergreen

Evergreen owns the blended design with unparalleled style. The Evergreen project is a quintessential design of contemporary Parametricsm architecture, creating an architectural masterpiece for the project in District 7. Evergreen offers a simple, sophisticated and elegant design with two modern and semi-classical styles. Each villa, whether below or above, has its own swimming pool and green space for the owner. There is also a steam room, a separate bath tub, creating a private level, private brand for those who own Evergreen villa.

Evergreen project

Evergreen is a compound of contemporary Parametricsm architecture

Evergreen is also a unique iconic project of unique architectural art with a riverside villa that combines the unique Marina Real Estate Marina in Vietnam. Therefore, the property owner Evergreen villas are also targeting the highest class and class.

Evergreen’s outstanding utility

Evergreen’s 1500m swimming pool offers a comfortable and classy atmosphere. This is one of the biggest highlights of the project. In addition, the project of investing 7000 sqm of trees and water surface is harmoniously combined for a living environment close to harmony with nature. Because of the area of ​​green trees and lakes so much so the temperature in the Evergreen villa is always lower than the ambient temperature of 3 -4 degrees, creating fresh air, relaxed for the people living here.

The 1.5km swimming pool

The 1.5km swimming pool with impressive design offers a first class experience for Evergreen residents

In addition, the Evergreen high-class villas also have artificial canals, along with a five-star standard marina in Phu My Hung. This is also one of the highlights of the Evergreen project shaping up the property value of this real estate. In addition to the luxury marina, Panorama swimming pool, green park, HyperNest 1000 sqm bird’s nest restaurant, InNest 700 sqm, …

Evergreen road traffic is also underground. This minimizes emissions, dust and noise in the surrounding environment. At the same time, traffic is restricted, ensuring safety for the elderly and young children. In addition, residents will also have additional space dedicated to walking and exercising daily.

Besides, the Evergreen project also owns an area outside of Phu My Hung. Just minutes away from Evergreen, you can reach Parkson Paragon, SC Vivo City, Crescent Mall, Ho Anh Nguyet Park, Anh Sao Bridge, International School Canada, International School Saigon University, Ton Duc Thang University, Rmit University, French Hospital, Tam Duc Hospital, …

The Evergreen Project Management Unit is Europe’s third largest and most prestigious brand and the third largest in the world after the Best Western and the Intercontinental Hotels Group.

Evergreen is suitable for any customer?

Because of its superior positioning, design and utility, Evergreen deserves the upper class, the expat community, the big businessmen. The Evergreen luxury villa project was handed over in Q2 / In the coming time, this will be a class project that shapes the new lifestyle of the elite thanks to the highlights of this million dollar project.

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