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Home is not only a place to live but also a space to enjoy the happy life. In modern life, finding a home is not only just its basic functions but it also meets the aesthetics, green living space, perfect utilities and moreover the prosperous and convenient location. In particular, your position is enhanced with the luxurious level of apartment you choose.

Satisfying all the important criteria above while staying as the standard design offered by the investor, EverGreen Villa in District 7 is just your choice where you and your family should come to enjoy the perfect emotions, unique experiences and the fashionable life that only the millionaires have.

Introducing the EverGreen project

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has detailed the plan of rate 1/500 for multi-purpose complex residential area in Phu My Ward, District 7 that Tai Nguyen Construction – Manufacturing – Trading Co., Ltd. has made as investor.

Evergreen Villa

Evergreen villas are luxuriously designed

Evergreen project of Tai Nguyen is located in the opposite Chateau Villa and Canadian International School. This is a complex area of villas, townhouses with gardens and luxury apartments. With the full name of the project is the Residential Complex PMR EVERGREEN, this project is the beginning of the return to the property market of the Tai Nguyen investor in 2017.

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The combination of the design quintessence with the building architecture of the contemporary period of Parametricism has created EverGreen – an architectural masterpiece with a gentle beauty in a land of prosperity and romance. Because of the unique geomancy element, Evergreen will bring prosperity and happiness to its future residents. Especially, the project is surrounded by three rivers with circular arches, which shows the richness and fortune flowing all over and brings the sustainable life

Perfect design for multi-generational families with City Villa EverGreen

With City Villa, EverGreen includes 64 City Villas with 5 floors.

Outstanding with the EverGreen brand, City Green is designed with the emphasis on water, plants, and contemporary Parametricism style.

Not only bringing the good geomancy but also being a symbol of the connection of the neighbors of the village here, Panorama swimming pool is built with 1.5 km in length modernly, luxuriously as strip of silk squeezed through the City Villa.

Evergreen Villa

Skyvilla Evergreen project designed in harmony with green nature

Unique and perfect design for families, City Villa ensures the privacy for homeowners with the high amenities. The reasonable layout of City Villa is reflected in the functions designed at the floors in the Villa.

The City Villa basement has an area 640sqm (8x16x5m) with 4 parking lots, a warehouse, a drying yard and a maid’s room.

The first floor is the living room where the whole family reunited.

The second floor is designed the large bedrooms with presidential standard of 60sqm to create the highest level of luxury.

The third floor is designed 2 bedrooms and living room, suitable for young family, grandchildren and grandparents.

The fourth floor is designed a place for the whole family to entertain or welcome guests to discuss work like cigar room, karaoke, movie, massage, sauna, jacuzzi, …

And finally, the fifth floor is also designed for the descendants of the family including 2 bedrooms and the upper floor is to worship and small garden planted with vegetables and ornamental plants.

Evergreen Villa

Private marina of Evergreen project in District 7

In addition, to create privacy for all generations in the family or if the owner does not have the need to use all and they use it for lease, City Villa has elevator design on each floor, both just being modern and creating private and safe.

Sky Villa is the harmonious combination with nature and cleverly exploits the aerodynamic element to bring the vapor from the river into each villa. Parametricism is used in harmony to create a remarkable architectural work that the design of Sky Villa meets the strictest aesthetic factor.

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There are 2 types of area: 204sqm and 210sqm. Sky Villa is designed harmoniously between nature and technology elements to create the perfect living value for homeowners.

Sky Villa’s living room is very spacious and elegantly designed with 2 sky views, the 19sqm dining room and the 11sqm garden will create a truly romantic airy space in the midst of the air, which cannot be found in any other project. The bedroom is designed to maximize the view of the sky, a large area with a main bedroom has an area 37 – 40sqm with 7sqm bathroom and 6sqm room. The 2 extra bedrooms have a large area 22sqm – 24sqm with bathroom 6 – 7sqm and separate toilets. In addition, with Sky Villa area of 210sqm, you will own an entertainment room for the whole family with an area 29sqm.

In the midst of the air of blue, wind and water, overlooking the view, Sky Villa apartment owners can enjoy the full panorama view of the whole city. Especially it is not only one view, each Sky Villa owns up to 3 unique panoramic views for their house.

Luxury of Garden Villa – Owning private marina

With a perfect location, Garden Villa is “embraced” by nature to give you the feeling of full of life energy. In modern life, enjoying yourself in nature and the modern conveniences that is worth the high life that many people dream.

Garden Villa is the tendency that families are flavors in a life close to nature with a living space covered with trees and water to provide a peaceful living environment.

In the perfect living space, this place is filled with the natural air of grass and trees, the water and a series of utilities. Garden Villa owners can design their own dream home in harmony with Evergreen.

With an area from 700sqm to 1000sqm with water, surrounded by trees, Garden Villa also has its own private wharf. Being always different, showing the luxury is the highest value that Garden Villa wants to bring to the owner.

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