EverGreen Villas Are Worth Living For Your Family

When every major decision is made, it is important. Because the home you are about to choose may be where you spend your whole life, even where your children live, so you should take the time to thoroughly study the environment.

Live where you are going to order the house. We need to pay attention to avoid places such as noise pollution, high population density, waste… because they will seriously affect the quality of life of your family. As these are long-term influences, you should definitely research and consider and accumulate the buying experience that should not be overlooked. This is exactly what the Evergreen villa project is considered by investors when choosing where the project is located at Nguyen Luong Bang, District 7, not only good feng shui, but also because this is not a central district, so it is less polluted by both air and noise. Moreover, the Evergreen project is surrounded by 3 sides of the river and the surrounding greenery, thus minimizing such things. EverGreen is the place to go if you feel comfortable with your conditions or come and choose for your family.

EverGreen project in District 7 is a new project of Tai Nguyen company, which was famous for 8 years ago with a large scale project located at Nha Be gateway and adjacent to Phu My Hung: Kenton Residences, the most class design apartment in Vietnam at that time.

Highlights are available only at Evergreen District 7

“What we choose is who we are!” EverGreen will be an indispensable option for customers when they own a number of preeminent elements that only in this project:

– Adjacent to the million-dollar villa of Phu My Hung, the EverGreen villa project in District 7 is considered to be the convergence of life’s essence with unique design ideas and superior utility levels.

– A compound villa project with 3 sides adjacent to the river, first appeared in the South Saigon area

– The first appearance in the Phu My Hung urban design villas designed for families of three generations

– Elevators and stairs are individually designed in each villa

– Each EverGreen villa has its own swimming pool

– In addition, at each of the seven-star Garden Villa owns a private marina that the owner of the Resource provides the “Private” concept.

– In particular, each villa will be designed by a designer exclusive apartment and for the first time in the history of luxury real estate, in Evergreen district 7 with 47 villas will allow the owner to scale out the exterior design to fit the overall space of the project.

In addition, the EverGreen project owns a club house that resembles a giant bird’s nest with a 360-degree view.

– With an area of 600sqm – 1200sqm and the lowest price of $ 2,730,000 per unit. Thus, with only $4,500/sqm customers have been owned a series of high-end utility with architects designed from Monaco at EverGreen.

– More than that, the location of the EverGreen project is separate from the noisy street. That brings EverGreen’s individual level amidst a myriad of mesmerizing urban projects. With favorable location not only favorable feng shui, landscape but also convenient transportation and there is great competition when facing the project are Chateau luxury villas and Canadian International School.

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Evergreen – the ultimate paradise resort        

The reasons that mentioned above about living space at EverGreen are great right? Not to mention the design of the project, EverGreen design style of the 21st century: Parametricism. It is a combination of modern direction and sophisticated architecture, a unique and novel masterpiece that will fascinate the viewer’s gaze. Evergreen District 7 is not only beautiful in terms of landscape but also beautiful in interior with European style that will touch your heart because its beauty will make you immersed at first sight. At EverGreen, the room where you live will be a place to inspire you to study and create joy. It will make the owner really happy to own an integrity living space.

EverGreen Villa

Utility pool of EverGreen Villa

If you say that Evergreen is a paradise, there is nothing wrong with Evergreen being the ultimate aesthetic design. From the Sky villa apartment, you can zoom in all three directions to the Saigon River and cover the whole city enjoying the cool breeze coming from the rivers around the project.

Evergreen is a green urban area with a river, with trees that are located in District 7. Although this is not the central district, but there are arterial roads. Moreover, when choosing to build this project, the investor takes into consideration the feng shui issue so you can be completely assured of the abundant air of this land

You can read and see more market information at: Vietnam Real Estate Market

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