Evicting 320ha  Land To Plant Anti-Foul From Da Phuoc

The HCM City People’s Committee will reclaim 332 ha of land for the Green Belt project to isolate the odor from the Da Phuoc landfill.

On October 4, The HCM City Department of Natural Resources and Environment has instructed the investors of waste treatment plants operating in the Da Phuoc Waste Treatment Complex to focus on implementing solutions to minimize the need for scent smell

At the same time, strengthening measures to protect the environment, the inspection and supervision of technical operation procedures, tightening the work of odor control in the process of waste treatment of treatment units.

In addition, strictly handle the case of transport vehicles, to drop waste and not ensure environmental sanitation …

HCM City People’s Committee will work with Long An People’s Committee to accelerate the construction of Green Environment Technology Park in Tan Thanh commune, Thu Thua district with the scale of 1,760 hectares. To improve the waste treatment technology and limit the burial of Vietnam Waste Company Limited. Plant green trees and change the mode of transportation and renovation of modern garbage vehicles.

Evicting 320ha land to plant anti-foul from Da Phuoc

HCM City People’s Committee concluded, the smell makes the people’s lives come from the Da Phuoc landfill

Transportation Department of Ho Chi Minh City was assigned to report on the implementation progress of Highway 50 construction project in the form of BOT and inspection of all means of transporting garbage, resolutely remove the means are not eligible. Study traffic regulation at Da Phuoc waste treatment complex and Da Phuoc cemetery during the peak days.

The People’s Committees of Binh Chanh, Nha Be and District 7 should conduct zoning, review natural (river, canal) and artificial (waste transfer stations, breeding facilities, production plants). ) is likely to generate odor pollution in residential areas.

Particularly, the People’s Committee of Binh Chanh District needs to coordinate with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment and relevant units to implement compensation and land clearance activities and recover 332 ha of land to implement the green belt project from Da Phuoc landfill and 34 households of Highway 50 extension project.

Mr. Vo Van Hoan, Chief of Office of HCMC People’s Committee. HCM, of course, with dozens of garbage mountains, trees can not thoroughly solve the smell but will contribute to purifying the air.

Before that, the People’s Committee. Ho Chi Minh City also asked Vietnam Waste Company to implement 8 groups of measures to overcome bad odor, affecting residents in District 7, Nha Be and Binh Chanh.

Specifically, the company must isolate the area to open small yards to minimize the spread of odor. Labors and equipment are strengthened to minimize the open area of the yards. At the same time, cover the canvas faster as soon as the waste is ironed and compacted. Waste after landfill if reaching the technical level should quickly cover immediately. Prioritized waste reception areas should be arranged in a low position to minimize the possibility of odor diffusion.

Vietnam Waste Company Limited has to increase the quantity, content and frequency of aerosol preparation of deodorant and must spray continuously the area of burial compartments receiving waste and reservoir area. waste. The company must purchase and import additional equipment, specialized machinery, aerosol sprayers, deodorizers; Increase the number of workers, inspect staff, control …

Evicting 320ha land to plant anti-foul from Da Phuoc

Strictly handle the case of transport vehicles, to drop waste and not ensure environmental sanitation …

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According to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, besides the limited features of waste burying technology and waste treatment activities of Vietnam Waste Company Limited, there are still some shortcomings such as correcting regulations the technical operation, to fully meet the requirements of the contents of approval of environmental impact assessment reports.

City People’s Committee The smelly odor from the burial area is receiving garbage and leaking reservoirs at Da Phuoc Waste Treatment Plant of Vietnam Waste Company Limited.

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