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Exchanging apartments in real estate hanoi increased fastly

Real estate in Ha Noi

A series of apartment projects, apartments in Hanoi real estate are offered to warm up this market more than ever.

The demand for housing of people everywhere nowadays is increasing, especially in a modern and beautiful place like Hanoi capital. Knowing the situation like that, many of them have deployed, built the ultimate project for customers. Up to now, Hanoi real estate has turned more positive as the number of transactions continuously increased.

Demand for buying houses in Vietnam is increasing
The demand for housing of people everywhere is growing, especially in a modern place

Hanoi real estate grew steadily with over 6700 successful transactions

In Hanoi, inventories decreased and commodity structure was adjusted more closely to market demand. According to data of some real estate trading floors in Hanoi, only in June 2017, this market has 1300 successful transactions and in the first 6 months of 2017, real estate in Hanoi About 6700 transactions were successful. In particular, the majority of successful transactions are concentrated in the middle and high end apartment segment. And in recent times, the projects in Hanoi have increased the number of transactions and the price increases are located in the areas to benefit from the infrastructure of the road extension projects have been and are about to complete as the project To expand the ring road 2, the project of Nguyen Xien – Xa La road, Le Duc Tho street in Xuan Phuong urban area.

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the real estate market in Hanoi
Hanoi real estate grew steadily

As of June 2017, the total value of real estate inventories in Hanoi is only about 5429 billion dong, down 161 billion dong compared to December 2016, down by 2.88 percent. As for apartment prices, according to experts in the field of real estate, in general, in 2017, real estate prices in Hanoi are not much fluctuations. Specifically, the price of housing in urban areas in some high-end apartment projects has favorable location, synchronous infrastructure, good construction progress, prestigious investors, sale policies and The sale price has increased slightly from 3% – 5% over the same period in 2016.

Some affordable housing projects attract the most customers in Hanoi real estate

In the past few years, in Hanoi real estate there are many cheap housing projects have been massively invested by investors and attract the attention of customers.

The first is Dang Xa 2, Gia Lam  emerging in the social housing market in Hanoi with about 2000 apartments on 5 lots NO1, NO2, NO3, NO4, NO6 by Viglacera investors. And this is also the main source of supply in the social housing segment this year in Hanoi. The apartments of this project are offered at an attractive price of less than VND9 million / sqm, inclusive of 5% VAT and service charge. Specifically, the apartment area from 36 sqm to 70 sqm, the price is equivalent to more than VND300 million to a maximum of VND630 million per unit. In addition to this price, the project is eligible for loans up to 80% of the value of the house at a preferential interest rate of 6% per year from a package of VND30,000 billion. This has attracted many customers.

Real estate in Ha Noi
Affordable housing projects attract customers at the real estate in Hanoi

The Rice City project in the Red River Delta in Long Bien district with the scale of 3 buildings with 21 floors. The total number of apartments of this project is 500 apartments with area from 57 sqm to 67 sqm with price from about VND680 million / apartment. Moreover, Rice City Linh Dam project with the same investor with the project Rice City Red River was offered for sale from 14 to 15 millio/sqm. This is quite high compared to the price range for social housing in Hanoi. However, there are still many customers still accept the lineup to wait to buy the house because of preferential policies attractive from the government’s VND30000 billion package.

Gemek Tower apartment project in Le Trong Tan new urban area is invested by Gelexima with the selling price of VND13.1 million / sqm. Of these, only 805 apartments out of a total of 1,200 units were provided with loans in the government’s VND30000 billion package. The Gemek Tower apartment building consists of two 34-storey towers, with two basements that are very convenient for customers. Moreover, inside the apartment there are many utilities for customers make our life easier than ever.

It can be seen, the real estate market in Hanoi has made remarkable progress with the number of successful transactions. According to experts, this market will be more prominent and breakthroughs in today’s modern.

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Exchanging apartments in real estate hanoi increased fastly

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