Exclusive Advantages Of The Venica Villa

The Venica villas with outstanding advantages are creating a fever in the segment of real estate villas. Let Vietnam Real Estate learn about the advantages of this project.

The Venica Khang Dien project just announced but has created a boom fever in the segment of luxury villas. At The Venica, you will find outstanding values and advantages that are nowhere to be found. No need to be an expert, just a regular customer, but we believe you will also be able to grasp the advantages of the project easily.

Absolute Security at The Venica Khang Dien Project:

Venica Villa Project

The Venica Private enclosure with 24/24 security

If you live in Saigon for years, you are no stranger to the inadequacies of security and social order of this area. It is not too dangerous, but it is safe to assume that Saigon is safe, because social evils and thefts are frequent.

So how can we be assured of living in this beautiful city without the risk of an accident happening to ourselves and our family members? The answer for you is the choice of ideal living space. And most typical for space like this, The Venica Khang Dien Project is a perfect suggestion.

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The Venica is a project created by a strategic vision of Khang Dien, aiming for a safe living space, ensuring the best life for the residents in both material and spiritual. Here, the security guards, security cameras … all full and operational 24/24h.

When living in The Venica, you will no longer worry about evil, bad things … You can walk freely in the 31 acres of the Venica, can lie under the green grass to Watch the night sky… without fear of anything. At The Venica Khang Dien Project, bad people have almost no access, because this place is a community of intelligent civilized people, formed naturally.

Venica Villa Project

Overview of the villa project The Venica Khang Dien keep green space

The natural habitat of the Venica Khang Dien:

In addition to the safe life, residents of The Venica Khang Dien Project are assured of a cool fresh environment where natural flora and fauna can thrive in harmony with humans, according to the law of nature.

You will feel a relaxed peace of mind with the green trees shade the streets, you will find the romantic mood of each flower blooming season, and will feel refreshed in the soul when looking. The flow of water drifted out how much social outside of how many changes.

This place, despite the summer to winter, is always cool, pleasant, because of the large density of trees and the four-sided water surface area of The Venica Khang Dien project is a “natural air conditioning”. Best of all.

It can be said that the Venica Khang Dien is one of the famous projects in the area of Ho Chi Minh City to ensure a living environment close to pristine nature. Live here, you not only protect yourself but also the soul and health care best … from the “mother earth”.

The location of The Venica Khang Dien project is among many projects:

With the accretion along the canal, adjacent to a large road in District 9, it is no surprise that close to The Venica Khang Dien Project is a series of other hit projects.

Venica Villa Project

The location of traffic gold of the project The Venica Khang Dien

Look at the prominent names such as Lakeview City Novaland, Him Lam Township, Lucasta Villa, Riverra Hung Phu … surround the project, you can see the potential value of this land in the future. Because there is no accident when a series of reputable investors in the real estate market poured into the East Saigon area purposelessly.

According to real estate market analysts, where The Venica Khang Dien Project, as well as many other projects, is a fertile ground in the future. This land is a land of gold for price increases, and only 1-2 years away the value of real estate in the area can increase from 15 to 30%, especially when the infrastructure items at This is completed in a way in accordance with the plan of the State policy.

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Along with the potential for development, because close to the famous projects, residents at The Venica also have the opportunity to interact and experience more interesting facilities.

If you want to know more about the project of Khang Dien investor outside the Venica project, there is a project of Jamila Khang Dien Apartment for you to refer to study.

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