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To experience the convenience at the d ‘. le roi soleil high end project

the d '. le roi soleil high end project

Recently, in the race to attract customers, many real estate projects have chosen the option of enhancing the service – utility system, creating a high quality and convenient living environment.

In this race, all enterprises have the ambition to turn their project into an ideal “living paradise” with many outstanding facilities. The problem is that the utilities should be practical with a large number of residents and at the same time create a synchronous system of services – utilities, serving the needs of modern life such as commercial center, swimming pool, gym – spa, common living area, community room, strict security system, landscapes, trees … These are relatively basic facilities however in order there has not many projects are able to “meet standard”.

According to many real estate experts, when investing in utilities and services in projects, the owners not only attract customers to buy houses but also create their own brands and class. Also at D ‘. Le Roi Soleil, Tan Hoang Minh Group was very elaborate in creating a colorful living space with diverse facilities. This is the highlighted advantage make “the masterpiece of West Lake” attract customers.

At D ‘. Le Roi Soleil, Tan Hoang Minh Group has designed a separate 8-storey service tower to separate the noise from the residents’ living areas without losing the convenience of transportation. With this tower, all the requirements for shopping, entertainment, cuisine, relaxation, health care and energy regeneration are met.

The two lower floors of the service tower will be attached to the two main towers to build a large commercial center. Soleil Center promises to become the largest and only commercial center on Quang An peninsula, and is the convergence of world famous fashion brands, cuisine, home appliances, serving the apartment owner and residents in the neighboring areas. The 3rd floors  to the 8th floor of the tower are dedicated to utilities and services such as Gym, four-season swimming pool, modern sauna spa …

Especially in D ‘. Le Roi Soleil, there has the combination between swimming pool and gym, sauna and spa to create a self-contained, extremely convenient circle for health care. An indoor four-season swimming pool, cool in the summer, warm in the winter, offering great relaxing feel in all seasons. An infinity pool on the top floor of the tower will bring residents the opportunity to enjoy the cloudy landscape among the vast space of the West Lake.

More impressive, D ‘. Le Roi Soleil is also a rare project with breakthroughs in remarkable utility details, including a 6-storey parking garage system applying modern technology for construction and operation, spaces of garden-yard, bar- cafe is full of relaxation, contributing to optimize the living experience for residents.

Besides, living space of D ‘. Le Roi Soleil residents is more content thank to modern transportation systems and many flower gardens, trees, fountains designed right inside the project.

The shady walking paths, fountains, lush green landscapes of the large lake …, embrace the space around the building, making it an excellent choice for successful residents.

To help customers have more opportunities to own D ‘. Le Roi Soleil apartment, Tan Hoang Minh Group has introduced many attractive incentive policies. In particular, from September 01, 2017 to September 30, 2017, customers paying 15% will be received notice of apartment delivery; to be discounted 5% of the apartment value for the incomplete handing-over; the owner commits to lease for 3 years with the amount up to 2.5 billion for the complete handed over apartment.

In addition, with customers paying in advance 95% of the sale contract’s price (including VAT) within 15 days will be discounted 9%/year with the early payment amount compared to the committed schedule.

The program is dedicated for the first 30 customers ordering to buy apartments from now until September 30, s2017.

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