Experience the co-working space model at SwanPark

The co-working space design becomes a facility within the SwanPark project that will provide many opportunities for a comfortable living experience.

Co-working space model in Saigon

The co-working space model offers an open work experience, increased connectivity, and creativity for participants. In Saigon, diversified business model co-working space. As a result, customers in the market have more space options to suit their preferences to increase efficiency to work better.

The co-working space model

The co-working space model has received much interest from start-ups, freelancers to find an open workplace that is not too expensive.

Up to April 1818, there were a total of 19 co-working spaces in Hanoi and 15 co-working spaces in CMC. Ho Chi Minh City by 23 operating units. Among them, five foreign companies are participating in the co-working space market, which proves the attraction of this market in Vietnam. Over the past five years, the growth rate of coworking space in Vietnam has reached 55% per year.

Rental costs are always a top concern of the customer. Unlike the traditional office leasing model, the co-working space model is quite comfortable with many forms suitable for individuals, groups and units in need.

Evaluation of the co-working space model can be seen to be innovative and flexible to increase the quality of the co-working space model. This is also one of the factors that meet the needs of the new era business.

Second-generation co-working space companies have adapted to international co-working. They choose larger, more luxurious locations and flexible designs to meet the rental needs of a diverse range of customers, especially small and medium customer groups.

Large-scale locations nowadays often cost more, but are less likely to get the desired size. There are no real estate projects that focus on the community work area at SwanPark.

utilities also provide income support for investors.

In addition to office leasing, utilities also provide income support for investors.

In addition, the utilities included in the co-working space are also significantly invested and designed to serve the masses sharing time spent optimizing costs when calculating the cost of rent including bar, printer, copier, general reception, high speed internet, meeting room, office equipment … This way, the cost of renting co-working space is only 50-70% of the office space.

SwanPark – the first urban space space for co-working space

SwanPark is a modern urban project that has received the attention of the market. Not only supplying to the market real estate products specially tend to be independent, but the project also prioritize space development for co-working space model.

Swan Park - City of smart technology applications

SwanPark focuses on areas for start-ups, incubation of high-tech innovations, research and development of science and technology.

At SwanPark, investors focus on investing space for start-ups, incubating high-tech innovations, researching and applying science and technology development. Smart office, not for start-up, co-working space, fully equipped laboratory.

This is also part of the utility that the project provides residents. This model was developed to increase the utility of the project itself as well as bring the residents here the practical value in life.

In the SwanPark community, if there really is no need to move into the city, living space and work space are available to meet the requirements from basic to advanced.

Possessing new development orientations compared to the current real estate market has contributed to the SwanPark project getting more attention.

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